Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pull-ups - a good MRT?

Pull ups - is where you hang yourself with your palm facing away from you. You pull yourself up until your chin pass the bar.

I like this article by Jason - Top 10 ways to improve your pull-ups. 

He goes by saying ....."The pull up is quite possibly the ultimate measure of strength. It’s also one of the greatest muscle building exercises in existence, which is precisely why it’s been called the upper body squat....... .... People all too often ask, “How much can ya bench?” A more appropriate question would be “How many pull ups can you do?” The pull up measures your strength to weight ratio better than almost any other exercise known to man"....

These days, I tend to do this almost every other day.. up to 10 reps (fresh), the most I can do it is 15 (not an easy feat for me though). Normally, I would be doing it in the morning just before my shower, and another in the evening, just before the shower. I'm targeting to achieve 15 in a single set within the next 3 months.
My fav routine is to do 3 sets of 5 reps each (with the 3rd set to failure). And I hate the 3rd set!!! but i know it's working, because my heart rate goes way high and my upper body muscles are trembling..... that's MRT (metabolic resistance training) by itself! (go and read why MRT is THE way to do your workouts.. interval training is considered old-school already..)

Got to have targets. So I know what I'm working towards, and put my plans to work... as they say.. failure to plan, is planning to fail.

live strong!
Sher Khan

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