Sunday, November 7, 2010

I needed a coach to keep me going.. Part 1

I always get that shock look in people's face whenever they hear my response to their question of 'Where do you learn on how to lose the weight?'

If you've been following me here, you do know that the answer to that questions is "the Internet". It's the major source of my research. I used uncle google so much to research and find stuff, and along the way I've stumble across many materials that assisted me.. while most of it is free, there are some that I've actually bought them.

These are what I meant by my personal coaches, and I've a few of them! covering from nutritional standpoint, up to the training programs. I've shared about them throughout this blog many times.

We do need coaches, they're the expert in their field (they've done enough researched and worked with many other people) and most of times, we needed them to kick our posterior!! See all the great athletes, celebrities, etc, they all have coaches. 

Let me share with you my personal favorite, especially with regards to what to eat and not to eat (the nutritional expect). It's none other than Isabel's program -- at least 90% of what she had taught in her book.. I'm following it religiously.. She has a great (sometimes hilarious!) nutritional newsletter that I will definitely read everytime! I just like the way she writes.. she's my personal coach for a long time already (see my earlier post with regards to her)

You're asking, why just 90% sher?? Well, although I've approved or agreed to most of it, there are some of the information that.. let's just say, I've discovered from my own experiences that I prefer my own way.. well, I do have my own likes and dislikes..  

But I tell you, give Isabel's program a shot, I can't recommend enough. Even if you don't follow what she say, I'm very sure you'll learn a thing or two (don't forget to subscribe to her free newsletter).

stay strong,
Sher Khan.


  1. hye..i've go to isabels web page and found it very2 interesting..i wanna buy her $47 books and so called programmed but not sure whwther it's the right thing to do for now..have you bought one?

  2. I do have one. She shared some details that might surprise you.. like 'avoid soy' for your health sake!... most mainstream media health would tell us that soy is a health food, but not her.. and she has scientific fact to proof it.
    It's the knowledge gained from her book is invaluable. Instead of spending the money on magic pills or powder, let's learn what's really important to our body.. naturally. The food and drinks that we consume become part of us.. let's the cells build on the most nutritional source.. as natural our food can be..

    (hhmm.. i do sounds like a salesman..huh)

  3. while waiting for your answer, i can't wait any longer and instantly purchased her e-books...loaded with breakthrough infos that i've never heard of and even think of..eheh..i luv all of her ideas especially when it's come to the right diet for right metabolisme. and i'm a protein type of person..surprisingly you have any suggestion for us who wanna start eating healthy on the menu coz most of the recipie are a lil bit 'western'..and you know how it may differs from malaysian-like all day menus..
    thanks for replying though...

  4. I am your new follower,so I would really appreciate if you could follow me back.

  5. Very interesting and inspiring. In my case, I learned a lot of things about health and losing weight from TV and internet too. Isabel pogram is just new idea for me.I might give it a try too.Thanks for sharing

  6. Would you mind taking a look at this website:

    I'm a pretty lazy person so I do not exercise much apart from walking. (okay, I have adrenal fatigue so I'm not meant to overstrain). But since I started on Magnesium Oil, I've found that my metabolism increased and the weight loss just came naturally! Of course that's been in combination with a sensible diet.

  7. hi anonymous, great that the oil works for you. Frankly i do not think just taking the oil -- changes your metabolic rate. all the best.

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