Monday, June 30, 2008

I Survived Raya!

From: Sher Khan Akbar Khan
Sent: 26 October 2007 11:17

Subject: i survived raya!


Would like to share with you, early this week, I’ve finally managed to break the 100kg mark.

But, the most significant achievement is that I’ve survived Raya!

I’m actually losing 1kg during the whole week of raya!

As I can remember, so far, I’ve eaten about 8 pieces of raya cookies (homemade only), no lemang, ketupat or that sorts! Pheeeewwww!

So what are my strategies to curb those temptations?

I have bags of fruits stored in a cooler in the car! I make sure I eat them quite a bit before hitting out at people’s buffet table! (so I feel full). Oh, I’ve also keep packets of peanuts and cashew nuts around to keep me away from other useless/empty/high calories snacks. And since I was back in Kota Bharu, no access to dumbbell or treadmill, I make sure I do some bodyweight workout.

So, here’s my current status.. that 100 mark is something I’ve never even thought I could ever achieve.. but as you can see, I still hv a lot to go.. My new target??!! By 30-march-2008. I should be at 80kg!

My BMI status as of 22-Oct-2007

Check yours - BMI Calculator

Please make sure you eat your breakfast! never skips meals, and drink lotsa water!

AND.. don’t be lazy to exercise!

Sher Khan.

See my next status update! (12-April-2008)

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