Monday, December 29, 2008

My Before After - Dec2008

Been getting some queries from friends and fellow colleagues... and some stranger over this blog..asking wassup with me.. not much update recently etc..  some concerns like.. are you still on your journey? are you done? write some more. Some said, they need to see me going as their motivation.

I've got some serious follower to my experiences, and some occasional follower (some of them really has really make some good progress!!).. I'm getting more hits than ever! some friends said, Sher, you better make money with what you're having here. Or write a book to share the experiences, and get more money..

Well, my intention is just to share my experiences, and get people access to information that I've at a point don't have a clue on what and how to do.. I feel good knowing people can benefit from this information. I'm just doing my bit to humanity!.. 

(perhaps, just perhaps one day, i'll write something more structured, probably not a book, but some more blog! ;)

Anyway, yes, thanks for asking, I've been busy, and still going strong with this new lifestyle of mine. It has been almost 2 years now!... time really flies..!

Here's my latest before and after pic.

click on the image for a bigger version

My wife took a candid shot of me while working on my threadmill lastnite, and I thought it's a good time to share with you all my latest pic... been a while right?.

There you go! as you can see, I still got some flab that needs to be eliminated. My family and friends said, that's enough Sher.. you're getting too skinny already.. but like I've always told them, not yet... not until my six-pack surfaces!

Right now, I can only see some shadows of the 4-packs on my tummy, to get to the last 2-packs - it's the most hardest. I'll show you my tummy when I'm able to get the shadows of all six! ;)

Anyway, happy new year to you all!

May the new year brings you a new resolution - remember, aim to lead a healthier you!

Sher Khan.

Some previous post that might be of interest to you, with regards on how I do my nutritions:

Friday, December 26, 2008

Selected as a Success Story Winner

hey all,

Did I tell you I've been selected as Winner of a success story by a training program run by a world famous fitness guru Craig Ballantyne?

well, I did! (back in Nov 08, sorry forgot to post it here).

As I've shared with you in this blog, I've followed a few exercise programs, and Craig's is one of the first program I've used, and later bumped into Mike and Vince. These 3 coaches has been my references, and all of them has given me the insights into putting in the best methods in my exercises routines.

But I must say, Craig's is still my all-time fav! check his site, and his youtube's!

here's Craig's post on his blog mentioning about me!

Sher Khan.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Results Don't Lie

I know, I know, it's been a while, my last post was on 11-Nov.. that's the longest silent ever - a month without a single post!. I've been dead busy at work... and also going on various short holidays... it's Year End!!

But then, being busy it's a perfect time to give some excuses of not eating right or skipping exercises.. we're busy!.. no time! right?


Anyway, I'm here not to say what's right or wrong. Sometimes, I don't know if I'm right.. or wrong myself?! They said.. the facts/numbers don't lie, and I use that as a gauge to whatever I'm doing.. the best feedback to yourself is the RESULTS you're getting. 

some example
1. Does the scale shows you're going up or down? 
2. the mirror test shows your belly shrinking or growing? 
3. Does the pants you are wearing this morning either much tighter or looser?
4. The last push-ups you did reached 20, today.. 25?
5. What about chin-ups? how many reps can you do today?
6. On nutrition - did you drink sugary stuff yesterday? how many plain water did you drink yesterday? when was your last can of coke/pepsi/soda?
7. what about fast-food aka junk/high-calories food? when was your last time having it? ie. french fries, donuts, potato chips..
8. Your blood pressure, sugar level, cholesterol level, etc? what's the numbers tell you?

You get the idea.

I used to records my daily log of what I eats and exercises... jot everything down in my phone.  Having it noted somewhere, allows me to review my progress, and improve it along the way.

Yes, I do sometimes slipped up, or indulged - we need to enjoy life! - as long as I'm good 90% of the times, I should be ok. (see my post on that earlier - Stay Good at 90% of the Time or another one Celebration = Food !) .

So, what's your own results telling you?

let's strive to be a healthier you!

Sher Khan.


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