Thursday, January 22, 2009

Can I eat this.. that.. this?

I've people coming to me.. and ask.. 'Sher, can I eat this?' - holding a warm-chocolate-chip-muffin-top-with-some colorful sugary-stuff. I look at the person, with a surprise look, and have yet to open my mouth, and the person response 'This is it for my lunch... can right?'


Just yesterday, I had a colleague asked me, 'eh Sher, I wanted to ask you la, I've been on a diet for a while now, trying to lose weight,  have not been eating much, but it doesn't seem to work la, how ah?'. On her desk, I saw some candies, and a mug of a 'diet' tea. I asked, 'what do you have for breakfast?', she said, 'just this tea now, and 2 slices of the leftover pizza in the office pantry earlier at 10am'. I asked again, 'what about lunch?', she responded, 'not yet' (it was already 3pm), she still haven't do lunch, and saying she's so hungry, extremely hungry, that later she went to the pantry and made a herself two-pieces of white bread spread with some margarine.

Double Duh!

I even got people SMS me, asking 'sher, chicken tandoori ok ah?', 'what about corn-in-cup?','should I go for latte or mocha?', 'coke light?', 'chocolate can riteee?','gardenia break-thru?', 'there's a healthy cake sold at SecretRecipe, it should be ok right?'

duh. duh. duuuuhhhhhhh. duuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..

If you've been following this blog, you'd know what I'd recommend.

Quick tips:
1. focus on whole real natural food - closest to it's natural form the better
2. no processed or junk food. period.
3. eat your breakfast as early as possible
4. eat 5 mini-meals, instead the normal 3 big meals a day
5. go low on sugar and salt - better yet, no table sugar, use rock-salt only
6. drink plain water (lots of them) and no sugar green tea your only type of drinks. forget fruit juices, even if it's 100%.
7. most important - stay away from the 2 most evil man-made food - the transfat and high-fructose-corn syrup
8. regular exercise - a mix of strength and cardio routines
9. aim for at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies a day
10. do not eat 3 hours before bed
11. target to have protein at each of your meal
12. add varieties to your menu daily - covering all food colors (red, green, yellow, white..etc)
13. go organic if possible
14. take fish oil supplements
15. don't burn the midnite oil - aim for at least 6 hrs of sleep a day
16. treat fiber! - as your best friend
17. interval training!
18. switch from butter to peanut butter (careful with brands loaded with HFCS & hydrogenated oils)
19. go nuts with nuts and seeds!
20. avoid the white menace (white flour, white rice, white sugar, white bread, white pasta)
21. focus on complex carbs (like brown rice, oats), no refined carbs
22. for carbs, focus on high phytonutrient index with low glycemix load.

hmm.. what else... I'll add more when they comes to mind.. if you want me to elaborate the points in more detail, pls drop me a note.

Try to add more of the good stuff into your daily diet and avoid the bad stuff, and I'm sure and can guarantee that you will lose weight (without depending on any magic pills or powders out there). The key is to work with your body as the nature intended it, not against it. Eat and drink stuff your body needs, and it will automatically burns the fat away..

ok.. i need to get my sleep now.

let's be healthy..

Sher Khan.


  1. good points :) i've lost 20 kilos myself by sticking with a list of principles, most of which you've jotted down here. congrats!
    one thing to watch though. the usage of d-uh ;P should look up what it's supposed to express. just a thought.
    but hey, it Is ur blog. whatever floats your boat huh? ;)

  2. tks for the comments. btw, I checked - the usage sounded correct to me!. Well, if (or when) i want to write a book one day, perhaps i'll make sure my grammars all being edited properly. for now, anything goes! anyway, tks for visiting, hope the info helps!

  3. well.. not trying to be a vocab police. although that's what my husband calls me lol.
    i just looked up m-w as well.
    duh-used derisively to indicate that something just stated is all too obvious or self-evident. i believe in ur case u wanted to indicate that the opposite is true.
    i could be wrong :)
    anyway duh or not, am looking forward to further progress report from you

  4. in my case, i wanted to use the word 'duh' for the 1st meaning of it (not the 2nd). "used to express actual or feigned ignorance or stupidity". anyway.. watever la.. (just finishing my breakfast bowl of rolled oats tops with cinnamon, cocoa powder, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, almond, cashew, flaxseed, and wheatgerm.. blurrp!)

  5. aahhh i c. homer simpson duh right?
    i should've read it in a different tune. lol
    sounds like a nice healthy breakfast u had there. good good. i for one, missed mine today. had brunch instead. not very good!

  6. Do you take white rice for lunch? I am usually finish my workout at 9pm and go to sleep at 11-11.30. What time should I take my dinner? Im gonna be freaking hungry without dinner

  7. hi gorjes, tks for visiting. What i've learnt, if you planned to shed the fat, do not go to sleep right after your meal. The stuff we eat shall only finishes metabolises into our body in between 2-3 hours (depending on how big is your meal). If it's still unused, your body will store it.. guess what's our body store things as?... yup.. FAT. I called this the SUMO DIET - I've commented on this in details earlier. On white rice - i've not taken them for like 2 years now.. focus on complex carb only! good luck.

  8. bro, very good blog indeed. perhaps u shud do on a webbingexchange platform :)

  9. Yup.. agreed with Sher. Often then not, people mislead because they use to, or like to translate the meaning literally. Should look for overall context instead:)


  10. Wow, thanks for updating. A cup of green tea after meal, it is also a healthy lifestyle.



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