Sunday, January 18, 2009

Yesterday Gym session

Yet again, I've had a short explosive gym session yesterday. I went out for a quick shopping (that was I thought - going for Isetan's 3 members-day specials - i needed an extra new pants! - but stuck in weird traffic around the KL's golden triangle.. was out in the car at 5pm, and got back home at 6:50pm!! - crazy, so many people on chinese new year shopping spree.. - i thought we're in recession??)

Anyway, came back, changed to my gym-gear, and was in the Kg Pandan public gym at about 7:10pm, my target to finish 7:30pm. Due to the short period, I'm aiming for supersets (doing exercises back-to-back without resting). Did my quick stretching, and off doing the squat. This time around I starting off with a 40kg, alternating with chin-ups, then back to squat at 50kg. I did this for 4 rounds. Then off doing a deadlift of 70kg, at 2 reps, 4 sets. Then, bench press of 30kg, 10 reps, 3 sets. Then doing some abs routines with a 10kg plate on my chest. Immediately went into dumbell swing to squat (don't know what they called this), for 12 rep, for 4 sets, before finishing with some chin-ups again, and dumbell-row. At that time, the clock shows 7:50pm.
Warming down, and left the gym.

At nite, again, my body arching.. I know I had a good workout!
Fall asleep early at 11plus last nite.

This morning refreshed, read some articles, thought of sharing with you now..
Cardio or Weights? which one is better in losing weight..

How's your weekend so far?

be healthy.
Sher Khan.

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