Saturday, October 31, 2009

Eating right.. Torture?

The most important reason why I want to lose weight is nothing more than trying to be healthy, as I've mentioned before, losing the fats (and the weight) are just the side-effects of trying to be healthy.
Now that I've lost some of the fats, at about normal BMI range, I still continue trying as much as I can leading a healthy lifestyle - by eating right, and exercise regularly.

Interestingly, many people associating eating right/healthily with torture. They said I'm torturing myself by not having what God have given us - to enjoy the food and this life! No point of torturing ourselves that way, and everyone dies anyways!

That's their viewpoint - I respect that.

Well, not that I've not enjoyed the foods before, I've enjoyed it so much without restriction whatsoever back then - at least for the 34 past years (now I'm 36) already - that made me what I was. I've been there fighting with my weight for as long as I can remember - it's not an easy life. I think can write a whole book talking about an experience being a 'big' guy - the problems, frustration, anger, self-esteem, how hard it was, how to remain calm when a child innocently taunt you, or the shame of you're being kick-out of a roller-coaster ride because you can't fit into the tiny seat, or the feeling of when you see the person next to you on a plane/bus is not comfortable because of you.. etc etc )

I do not intend to go back there.

Contrary to popular belief - I don't think I'm torturing myself. I just see the food differently these days - I don't see McDonald's or KFC or any fast-food are categorized as food at all. Let me put that into an example - let's say you see a pizza that has just freshly baked out of the oven.. hhmm, the aroma is enticing, the look of the melted cheeses, the overall toppings.. they looks so delicious.. you think.. YUMMY!!
Now, just imagine suddenly.. your 2-years old angel, out of nowhere, throw his poo and landed nicely on the pizza!!!...  what would you think at that moment?.. it is something you can eat? the pizza is a food to you now? yummy?

Sorry, I exaggerate that too much, but I hope you get my point.

I don't see those things are food anymore - so I don't miss them or don't feel that I'm depriving myself!
I post something similar to that before.

Let's be healthy,
Sher Khan.

Monday, October 19, 2009

That Little Voice Inside of You...

I've a confession to make.

Last saturday, wifey and me went out for a dinner, and wifey ordered a nice dessert - Hot Fudge Sundae, as depicted here.

I tried as hard as I can.. not to indulge. Well, I manage to abstain. ... for a couple of minute, until, wifey scoop a spoon, and feed me!... ahhhhh... it was heavenly! ;)   That later, I pickup the spoon myself, and dig a couple more scoop and feed myself!!!!!!!

Then I hear those little voice inside of me.. "Sher, what the hell are you doing????!!!!" That voice continuously whispering (err.. infact it sounded more like screaming) inside my head for hours and hours, that made me so damn guilty!

Not just that, the voices seems to flash the old images of me everywhere I look, and it drives me crazy!!

Feeling downright guilty, the next day, early sunday morning, just after a heavy downpour, by 7:30am, I'm already at the nearby park pounding the pavement. I was at the Alam Damai Park (nice place - first time there, slept over at my mom's over that weekend). I was running and sprinting along the track, doing some bodyweight routines, including stairs climbing/sprinting - for approximately 2 hours non-stop.

In the afternoon, I heard that little voice again..... "Not enough Sher!"

Later in the evening, at around 5pm, I was again at the gym, doing deadlifts, bench presses, squatting, and bunch of other weight bearing workout for a solid 1 1/2 hours.. I was flatten out to bed by 10pm.

This morning, with some aching body, I heard that little voice again ... "Hope you've learnt your lesson Sher..!"

Yes, nice dessert, but gruesome workout to burn it all off !!

Lesson learned? next time.. stay away from the dessert... not worth it. ;)

Let's stay healthy!

Sher Khan.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Being fat is a choice

I used to believe that being fat is hereditary. It is because I've been fat all my life and my entire family (my 6 siblings, including parents) is considered either overweight or obese.

I used to think that our family has been 'cursed' (for a lack of better term), and there's nothing much that we can do. We were used to be associated with our late grandfather's business - he was a successful butcher, got herds of cattle, and had been a very well-known businessman in the town market of Kota Bharu, Kelantan - he's known as the 'taukeh daging Mahabat' (Mababat the butcher). If you're in town, and looking for nice red meat - you can't be wrong with Mahabat! and being the family of a butcher, there's something in our genes that our destiny is to be big and fat!

No kidding - that is how we're used to believe... well at least for me. So I thought, why bother to take care of my health, I'll be fat anyways.

In my recent years being able to reduce to where I am now rendered that believe is a myth/hoax.
(My recent weight loss video).

Here's what I've read recently:
It's official—your propensity to lose or gain weight isn't written in your genes. Swedish scientists reporting in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition conclude that the oft-maligned FTO-gene—which previous studies have linked to runaway weight gain—will only increase your risk of obesity if you also lead a sedentary lifestyle. Bottom line: Being fat is a choice, not an inherited trait.

There you go. It's not me saying, but scientist.

So, don't blame it on the genes, family, etc. It's all within ourselves. Either you do or don't. All is within your control - take charge of it, and you'll lose that bulge.

See some of my previous posts related to this:
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To your good health,
Sher Khan.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Muscle is Hard to Build and Easy to Lose

We've heard time and time again on when we get older, its harder to keep our muscles healthy. Worse if you're sedentary, by the time you reach 40, your body will feel is starting to falls apart, and all sorts of health issues started to happen.

That's because after 40 the entire cellular structure of the body is now completely changed and none of the cells remain from your younger years. Unless your already doing resistance training of some kind your metabolism and cellular repair slows down and you just don't "feel"right anymore. But if your already into working out then 40 often comes and goes without a notice. 

Read more of that by Dr. Mercola at his website. Don't miss it.

Let's stay healthy.

Sher Khan.


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