Saturday, October 4, 2008

Celebration = Food !

Now comes the Eid 2008, as other celebration in Malaysia (or elsewhere), it's normally associated with food.. a LOT of fooooooooodddd. Eid celebration also encourage us to visit our relatives and friends, again.. we are facing with more fooooddd at every turns.

One would definitely has problem with over-eating, and.... I'm not spared nonetheless! ;p

So, how do I behave?

To my surprise, I've been behaving quite well this year!.. so far.
If you've followed by story, last year Eid, I had about 8 pieces of the raya cookies. This year.. 0 , yes ZERO cookies!!!!!! yup.. not even any homemade! even better, for the 1st time in my Eid life, I didn't even touch my family traditional meal during the morning of Eid and Open Houses... the favorite Nasi Dagang! (if i can abstain from that.. hmm.. forget about rendang or lemang or any other delicacies).

Most of you has been saying - "Sher.. you need to live life much more.. life is about satisfaction.. enjoyment, indulgences..yadda yadda yadda....". Yes I agree totally with you. I am enjoying life, and with the stuff I eat. Contrary to popular belief, I've never starve myself. If you're with me during any meals, you shall see that I do eat a full plate of stuff!

People are asking how do I maintain so much discipline to always eat healthily and almost rarely ever cheat.

Wikipedia defines willpower as the ability to exert one's will over one's actions. It manifests as inner firmness, decisiveness, determination, resolution and persistence.

But is it about willpower or disciplines?

When I think about it... it's not so much of a discipline or willpower per say. It's something inside my head really. I don't see myself 'on a diet', but rather leading a new healthy lifestyle. I've this thing buzzing in my head that made me think that eating sugary, deep fried, processed, sodas are just evil and shall do harm to my body.. and it's no longer appealing at all to me.

Infact, it goes a step beyond... those food appears disgusting to me and I've no desire to eat them at all.

The more I read about our food and it's nutritional value, the more I appreciate the food that is good for us, and despise and hate the ones that is not (and able to cause harm to our bodies). The knowledge I've discovered and understood (about food and how it interact within our bodies) changes the way I see and think about food.
(read more on the topic of nutrigenomics - the science behind on how food talks to our genes)

These days, my dislike of junk food becomes a bit paranoia.. the smells of KFC/McD sometimes can make me sick, and the smells of fresh fruits makes me feels energized!

In my personal opinion, what goes in my head is no longer about discipline or willpower, but it's about the mindset that I've developed within these past year... I no longer crave for those junk foods (yes.. that includes fast foods, processed foods - donuts, pastries, cake, cookies, sausages, hotdog, burgers, canned foods, sweet desserts, etc)

I just crave and focus on natural whole real food diet.

Am I kidding? no, I'm serious.

Sher Khan.

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  1. congratulation.....

    happy 4 u

  2. Moon.. can you see any packs at DCO already?? :D .. Boss, how can you sustain from the crowd?? N i wonder, if not discipline and will power, y many so called learned man out there, didn't have the rite mindset ... n it is never easy to change one mindset despite their knowledge ... what do u think..


  3. well masni, like i've elaborated in the posting - you just need to developed the correct mindset. If all you want is to lose weight, set your mind to it, and everything else will follow. Knowledge is extremely essential here, unfortunately, having it in just wording/theories can't help oneself - you just need to put it into action. Just do it!.. give it a try, you've nothing to loose - except the fat!

  4. omg!finally someone i can relate to!when i abstain from eating sweets or any sort of junk food not because i want to lose weight but because it just does't appeal to me anymore my friends sees me as 'going on a diet when you're already so thin' or 'not enjoying life'it's really frustrating.but thank you for your post, it's makes me feel like i'm not alone.p.s.i have not eaten nasi lemak for like 2 years?lol



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