Sunday, October 3, 2010

Aftermath of 2010 Eid/Raya..

Well since the last Ramadhan, now I'm back to my normal routines.. (during the fasting month my exercising period is shorter, and I tend to focus more on cardio related (outdoor biking/runnning/interval training) rather than strength training (bench presses/weightlifting in the gym), no specific reason is just that I feel a bit weaker towards the end of the day before the iftar (breaking of fasting).

Quite frankly (more like confession), this 2010 Eid, is my worst ever since the past 3 years that I've been on this journey. I've actually had some Rendang! I think I do deserve it after years of not touching it :) --good excuse eh :)... but I still haven't touch any of the cookies, yup you know me, no nutritional value.. i.e junk food. They're just loaded with sugar, butter fat, more sugar/coloring, simple carbs (the white flours), some preservatives (if store bought), and even some got the dreaded trans-fat (the shortening) -- once you've taken one, I bet you can't stop to take another! -- so I stay clear of those.

An update -- I've actually had gained some weight back since my last posting on my weight, by 5kg to be exact. That is all planned. See my old post. I've even gotten some comments quite recently from office colleagues -- 'Eh, Sher, you gained weight ah?'..YUP!!.

I don't think I want to go all the way down to past 72kg that I used to be, although that's the point that I need to be in order to lose the remaining belly fat to reveal the 6-pack that I've always wanted. Why, you ask?. With the intensity of the training I'm doing these days, and when I'm restricted my calories (to create the calorie deficit -- to lose the weight), I feel weak, very weak sometimes, and recently I had to work extra-long hours on my current day job (that translate to very less snooze time & quite stressful.. very, infact). I would doze off while watching the tube, and if I were to put my head down on the pillow, within seconds I'll be in fantasy island (these are not the normal me !!).

I remember sharing this with my buddy, and he said, 'Sher, you're overdoing it, listen to your body'. Well thanks bro Roslan, I am now listening to it, and been working to balance it. I noticed if I'm hovering around 75-80kg. I feel fine, energetic, and able to push myself to the limit (I still think I can push it even further!!). The problem is, I still have some layers of sagging fat around my belly.... it's a hell to get rid off!!

One of way that I think I need to do is to increase my training intensity, and I definitely need to change my training routines. My body may have accustomed to some of the training I've been doing, because not much progress has been made. Hence, recently I've forced myself to checkout a fitness bootcamp program.... last Friday, at 5:45am, I'm already at local stadium field, with some folks doing HIIT (some of my earlier posting on HIIT) while most people still snoozing ... I'll share that in my next post. stay tune.

stay strong.
Sher Khan.


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