Saturday, February 27, 2010

Progress Update: Poor results

People has been asking my progress, and thought to post the most recent pic that I have.

My most recent progress post was on Sept 2009 - that post, I've put some details of how the charts and all. This time around, I don't have it - been a while since I last go to do medical checkup, yup.. yup.. been lagging.. been way tooo busy at work.. these past few months (nov 2009 to feb 2010).. was the worst times ever.. sometimes I barely able to do 3 times a week trainings targets.. I know.. excuses. That translated into a very poor results!

Well here goes... for the first time ever, I'm posting myself here shirtless (yup, finally gotten approval from my internal home minister.. you bet.. the wife!).

click on the picture for a full bigger view.

As you can see, despite popular belief, I'm still struggling to get rid the some of the fats that are still accumulated. My hardest spot are below the armpit, and of course around the belly. The weight has not been consistent, week after week, I'm hovering around 74kg, and sometimes it goes up to 76kg range.. if it does, I bring it back down 74ish.. I've not been able to top the lowest weight I've done (which is 71.5kg back early 2009). My guess is.. the eating has not been consistent - I've been missing my regular meals quite a lot (loooong company meetingss.. that sometimes I missed taking my snacks and lunches!).. and I these days I do work waaayy too late at nite.. yup.. not enough snooozzzze time - that increases my cortisol level.. (the stress hormone - a signal to keep the fats!).

Excuses.. excuses... excuses!!

Anyway.. life goes on, and let's remind each other.. let's pick ourselves up, and let's go!

stay strong
Sher Khan.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's my birthday!

Today is my birthday, I'm 37 this year.. damn, time really flies. Can't believe that I'm almost reaching the big 40!
Hmm.. that makes me wonder - it's been a while since I last went for a full medical check-up.
Famous quote said - "What you don't know can't hurt you!". But I'm in an opinion of "what you don't know CAN hurt you!". I don't feel comfortable not knowing some details. Not knowing my latest vital signs worries me... am I doing ok? what does my triglycerides level / blood pressure / etc right now? etc etc.. that numbers are the most important to me.. not really what shows on the scale (although you can somehow correlate what's on the scale to the status of your vital numbers).

Anyway, enough of that worries. It's my birthday!! let me at least enjoy the rest of my birth day anniversary. Whatever the number say, what I feel right now is what matters. Quite frankly, I feel I'm at the most fittest days of my life!
A year ago, I can't even do 5 chin-ups. Now I can do 15 easily. Back then I can only do deadlift max at 40kg, now 40kg is just my warm-up stage!

Oh oh... I got some new exercise routines that I've gotten myself into.. damn, I thought I've tried it all.. but this one.. leave me aching all over!! watch out for my update on this bit...

stay strong
Sher Khan.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Go in, do it, done

Whenever I am at the gym working out, I noticed at least 60-70% of the crowd is just there for the sake of being there. Perhaps their spouse/parents/boyfriend/girlfriend/peers/colleagues are presurring them to shape-up, or they just come for fun. Why I'm saying that is because I saw them just walking about checking machines, try-test a few of them, watching the TV longer than any routines they're supposed to do, or even entertaining the cellphone at every other minutes, not to mention fiddling with the ipods/mp3 players at every change of the song... and oh..even worst, treating the juice-bar as the cafe to come for socialising.

To me, if you're at the gym - please make full use of the time there, and do what you supposed to do!! you're already there (you know to get to they gym is an effort by itself, you've to gear-up, drive down, look for parking, etc etc - that alone is at least 15-30mins waste of time). Then when you're there, please FOCUS - spend the next an hour or so doing what you're supposed to do.. EXERCISE your body!!!

just a pic of me at a futsal game.. not my cup-of-tea, but the exercise is what's important.

I've this rule whenever I'm on training/exercising, and that is also relevant if I were to visit any of the local gym (I don't have any gym membership, just per entry basis - I've elaborated why in my earlier post).
My rule is - no cellphone, no mp3 players, no TV, sometimes I purposely avoid any conversation (limit myself to just hi/bye). The only gadget that I've on me is probably the watch (to keep my time, and that's not even a HRM watch).

My reason is simple - that's the only time during the day that I'm spending the time to train my body (and enjoy the benefits of it), and I want to make full-use of the time to do just that. Go in, do it, and out. Typically about 45mins or so - though there are days that I've spent close to 2 hours on a single session (these are the times when I want to test few new routines, or just to challenge my body to a more extreme condition).

Once I'm done with it - I can spend all the time I want with the cellphones, mp3 players, or even socializing.

But that's just me.

If you've the time, check out Men's Health the 100 Best Fitness Tips.

stay strong.
Sher Khan.

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