Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sher's 6-pack quest video

Been wanting to post a video on my journey, and been working on it on and off this week, and finally please see the result.. not perfect, but.. at least something.

For the 1st time ever, I showed my shirtless body!!


I'm getting the hang of creating videos now, if you like it - I will create more!

Sher Khan.


  1. Not life, but good life, is to be chiefly valued.
    Way to go boss!!


  2. Good job dude...
    Uii.. muka aku ada la..

    SEBENTAR senang
    SEBENTAR sedih
    SEBENTAR pokai
    SEBENTAR berduit
    SEBENTAR ketawa
    SEBENTAR lagi…
    LEBARAN Aidil Fitri

    Andai jemari tak sempat berjabat, andai raga tak dapat bertatap, seiring bedug yang menggema, seruan takbir yang berkumandang, kuhulurkan salam menyambut hari raya Aidil fitri, jika ada kata serta khilafku membekas lara, mohon maaf Zahir dan batin..


  4. i'm totally speechless and totally amazed on what u did to your body.

    please do allow me to make u as my inspiration on achieving my dreams too...

  5. Congratulations Sher :)

    You're an inspiration!

  6. You are a true inspiration, abang!!!!!!!

  7. Wow! Incredible transformation! Hard work, lots of sweat, and pure determination. You are an inspiration to others. (Nice job with the video as well!)

  8. Sher,

    I have some questions for you!

    This works for really really ermm big people...the in betweens one are the most difficult ones.

  9. hmmm? I was big back then.. 133.7kg big to be exact. Which in betweens do you mean?

  10. incredibly inspiring... from 133 to the 70s... WOW

    I started with 115 in dec 2007 and now only at 79.

    One question though... how do we take all the excess skin off? please share

  11. Hi amsyah, the excess skin? as far as I've discovered.. the only way is to go under the knife. else.. the skin will always be there. Other than that, applying some 'creams' (like the strecth marks cream for pregnant mommies etc is to smoothen/reduce the ugly look of it..).. me? i don't bother with any.. as long as I'm healthy.

  12. Oh I loved your transformation video, I need to lose 20k and I am going to revisit your lovely info again as I go on my weight loss journey

  13. ps do more videos when you can, we like to see you again

  14. glad that it motivates you. pls do share me with your progress!

    all the best!

  15. Saya juga sedang cuba utk mengurus kan badan. saya nak tanya berkenaan kulit yg sekian lama strech adakah ia akan terus menggeleber atau macam mana ? jika dirujuk pada pengalaman Saudara SherKhan macam mana ? ada kah perlu melakukan plastic surgery utk buang bahagian kulit yg menggeleber tadi atau macam mana. Boleh kongsi pengalaman saudara Sher ?

  16. Im 27. 158cm with 82kg. Saya fikir sudah terlalu tua untuk kurus. Sher, you're my idol!
    I loved your video :-) sooo..big WOW for you. That video really motivates me.

    - Norra



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