Friday, October 31, 2008

My BMI is finally NORMAL!

As I've promised from my earlier post (end August, just before the Fasting month), so here's my latest BMI results!

From being at BMI of 40++ (off the doctor charts - see my earlier post), 

this is what I had said:
***my goals are to be within the normal BMI (18.5-24.9), I'm close to it, but not yet. When I started, I used to be at BMI rating of 40++ (when the Doctor tries to calculate my BMI, she turns her little 'BMI wheel' (just like when the doctor checks for women ovulation cycle), and mine is off the wheels totally. The doctor tried to act cool, and just assumed 40++. I was totally devastated!).

Today, my BMI is at 24.6 (about 1 plus year later).. 

I am on top of the world!!! (click on the link, I just had to have that song played!)

If I can do it, you can do too!!!

here's the BMI result!

Here's my updated weight lost chart, from ever since I started.

yes, it has been extremely slow since I past the 80kg mark, and took me almost 5 months to shed an extra 10kg.. tough, sloww.. but most importantly.. there's progress. 

Actually, I'm not worried at all.. because I know, my exercise routine has increased tremendously for the past months.. now my interval training burst at 9+kmph on average (sometimes it burst up to 10+kmph). I'm able to bench press at 30kg with 8-12reps! and just recently, able to do chin-ups for 5 reps for 3 sets!! 

So, who said that we can't gain muscles while losing the fat?

I'm way overdue for my medical check-up with the wellness doctor - made an appointment, and shall update you all the progress I've made thus far.

btw, I've never ever ever ever thought a normal weight BMI is something I could ever achieved..ever. But I did!!!! whooaaa... that's an accomplishment. I should treat myself with some nice choc almond fudge ice-cream or deep dish double cheese pizza or warm mud pie chocolate cake or even a nice daun pisang nasi lemak??!!!

should I?

I think you know the answer.

have a great weekend.

Sher Khan.


  1. congrats!! Bro.....looking fwrd nak jdi mcm u!!

  2. truly happy to hear that. so what's next? when is the target for the 6 packs.. ;-)

  3. "wooww!!! cayalaa bro.bsmangat i mcm nie,dah ada ur blog senang skits. I lost few kg,tapi dah stop.tapi skrg turun inch ja.i dah blh workout 1 hr far blom tingai since 2nd pun bru blk gym,tgk blog u lagi laa best!"


  4. congrats bro..bile nak play tennis


  5. Wow that's quite an accomplishment! Congrats and keep it up!!!


  6. ..Anyway you cannot blame me for not recognizing you, kalau bump in somewhere pon I wouldn't know. Congrats on your transformation, as it is for the better. Cuma you look a little garang with the new look. All your before picture you were smiling...maybe next time more smile with the after picture. You have a lot to be happy about.

    You have inspired me, heheh I need to shed a few kg, tapi macam stagnant, so next time I am on the threadmill I will do the burst thingy...I am doing pilates these days.

    wan norimah

  7. hey bro some real good stuff you have on your blog. I'm inspired its time to hit the treadmill (today it is)


  8. Double Congrats to u boss!!.. Not only you inspired those big size people.. you had made my 14 yrs old son does his exercise in the middle of the night too.. asking for more post on the packs thingy... hahaha..

    What's the next target..


  9. I am inspired. Congrats Sher


  10. Way to go Sher Khan, What next on your list?

    Nothing is impossible and you are an inspiration.

    After reading the blog, the first thing i did was to burn some calories doing a long walk.

    Your Friend
    Jagan (Ji ), Singapore



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