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the journey continues..

See my previous update status (16-Oct-2007)

Sher Khan
Originally Sent: Saturday, April 12, 2008 4:47 PM
Subject: the journey continues..

Hi all,

Would like to drop some update to you with regards to the health progress that I’ve made so far.

A lot of people has been asking, and I thought I should be sharing it here. My only reason to share these updates is to spread the message that we need to live a healthy and balance life!.. losing weight is just the side effect of it!

Since my last email to some of you (that was in 26-Oct-2007), just after last year Raya. I’ve broken my 100kg mark, and set myself a new target by 30th March 2008, I should be at 80kg.

Today, it’s already 12th April, and what’s the outcome? Read below if you’re interested ;)

A lot of events had occurred after that email, one of the biggest was, I’ve made a career move (again!). I missed the long staircase walks up & down Menara TM, going to one meetings to another! Long walks from the parking lot up to my cubicle in level 15th. Now my office is just 1-storey high, and parking is just a few steps from the door!

Tip: always find little ways to use your body more! Purposely park the car far away from the door, go get your lunch that requires you to walk far, use stairs instead of lift. Target to do around 10,000 steps daily!

Anyway, here’s my latest weight loss chart.

Since I’ve started last 12-Feb-2007, today on 12-Apr-2008, total fat lost is at 51.2kg (within 14months period).

As you can see on the chart, on 30-march-2008, I’ve hit 82.6kg. For the 1st time, I’ve been struggling with a plateau! (I typically lost 4kg a month, but recently, less than 2kg a month) – at least I thought it was. Oh yes, I’ve missed my set target by 2.6kg!

In spite of that, I’m not worry though, my best guess is – I’ve just started going to a real gym 2 months back (it helps when you keep your exercise log), and has been focusing on a heavy-weight lifting regime (bench press, military press, squat, deadlifts!) – I figured my body is adjusting to the new muscles!

How sure I am? while the weight is on a yo-yo cycle these past weeks, however, I feel my pants is getting looser every other week. Just 2 weeks back, I’ve yet again need to shop for new pair of pants. My last pant size was at 42” (bought for Raya!), the newly bought ones are 36” (when I started, it was at 54”).

Tip: we need to have muscles, it’s a living tissue, and it burns 70x more calories just to maintain them (than without one). The more muscles you have, the higher your metabolic rate - means, it burns calories even during your resting/sleeping time! note that muscles are denser and heavier than fat.

Like I said earlier, loosing fat (or weight) is just the side-effect, the most important focus/mindset that I have is to focus on being healthy. Everything that I do to put into my mouth, I strive on putting only the food that is high in its nutritional value. While the natural food is good, say a lean chicken breast, the moment you deep fried it, suddenly it becomes an unhealthy. Repeat after me – deep fried food is evil! – they are high in saturated fat.

Tip: do you know that cholesterol is manufactured in your body by the liver? the main source are from the saturated fat and the glucose (carbs) from our diet. The liver shall manufacture a lot more cholesterol when a high-saturated fat diet is consumed. Worst thing, it elevate the level of LDL (the bad fats) in the blood, clogging your arteries.

According to the national standard of cholesterol education (US)

Risk Classification








> 1.42



5.2 - 6.2

1.71 - 2.28

1.03 - 1.42

2.6 - 4.1


> 6.2

> 2.28


> 4.1

I’ve had a borderline cholesterol level recorded at 5.80 mmol/L in Feb-2007. I don’t even want to know what’s my LDL or HDL level..scared to know the truth!

Last Dec-2007, it shows some improvement at 4.90 (desirable) of total cholesterol, while LDL is at 2.80 (borderline), while HDL is at 1.13 (borderline).

Yesterday, I had it checked again, and my total cholesterol stays at 4.90 (desirable), while LDL improved at 2.60 (desirable), while HDL also improved at 1.39 (still borderline)!

At the same time, last dec-2007 my uric acid level was at 487 (risk), now it’s 395 (desirable)!!!

Here’s the chart.

What did I do? I change my eating habit, the way of eating that is based on a whole foods diet that’s high in fiber, rich in colorful fruits and vegetables, and low in sugars and flours, with a low glycemic load. No fast-food or processed food (if it’s in a can/box, it’s not fresh/whole - should be avoided). Aim for 5 servings of fruits & veggies a day. Exercise for 30mins everyday, min of 4 times a week, focus on interval training for a rapid fat loss. Strive to meet at least 90% of the above as much as you can. Your body, your call, you’re fully responsible.

So, my journey seeking a healthy lifestyle continues.. my next target? To get my levels to the desirable range, and that killer six-pack-abs doesn’t looks like a myth anymore..! J

(I envied the Spartan’s in the ‘300’ movie). Gimme another 4 months (end August). I’ll update you then..at least the progress ;)

Wants to know more? Email me, glad to share with you.

My BMI status as of 12-April-2008

Check yours at BMI Calculator

Stay Healthy,

Sher Khan.

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