Saturday, July 12, 2008

Now I know your secret.. you don't eat rice..!

That's the common perception everytime my colleague at work commented when they saw me having lunch. I do eat rice, but not white rice - I eat brown rice.. I eat whole grains only... 'oh, you mean that diabetic rice ah?' - the friend would commented.. well, if we've a lot of time to spare, I'd share the reason behind it. For a quick read, just do a quick search on google on the health benefits of brown rice - and you'll understand why.

Then followed by.. 'But Sher, brown rice expensive lah.. 5kg pack is about RM25-32 (depending on brand), as compared to white rite 10kg pack is about RM13-19.. crazy ah.. i can't afford it, furthermore, not tasty lah..and smelly'.

These days, I see food as a medicine. Everything I eat, I make sure I choose the one with the highest nutritional value... and try my best to avoid the ones that has none whatsoever (yup, those potato chips, soft-drinks, ice-cream, fast-foods!). I choose food that is high in antioxidant, good fats, & protein. I watch the overall glycemic load of my meals, and focusing on food that is high in phytonutrient, with low-glycemic index rating.
At the end, I don't have to spend extra money on supplements, medicine, or worst - a 'diet mix' or 'diet concoction'. The best thing is - the entire family can enjoy these healthy lifestyle - not just you with your 'diet smoothies', while the rest, continue munching on some processed-empty-calorie-junk-food. (we shouldn't call it food at all, it's junk. period.)

'Sher, this sound way too complicated, don't think it's for me'. I may have scared you, but for the past 1 year, I've been doing quite a bit of reading on the foods we eat. I've tried and tested many variations, and I've found that the way of eating that is based on a whole foods diet that's high in fiber, rich in colorful fruits and vegetables, and low in sugars and flours, with a low glycemic load.. is the ultimate key in my fat loss.

It is a way of eating that includes anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and detoxifying foods. It includes plenty of omega-3 fats and olive oil, soy products, beans, nuts, seeds, and lean proteins. All these foods help in automatic weight loss. This is the way of eating that turns on all the right gene messages, promotes a healthy metabolism, and hopefully prevents diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer!

till next time.. stay lean, and don't be lazy to exercise!

Sher Khan.

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