Tuesday, July 1, 2008

1st release of - My Before, and After Photo

It's end June now, and I know, I'm due for update with you guys.
Been very busy at work lately.

People has been asking of how big I was back then, and it took me a while to find pictures of myself (i seldom pose for pictures, i don't look good in them!). After a long hard searched, I finally found some old-collections, and to make it interesting I thought I should be wearing the same t-shirt, and do this comparison.

So, here it goes.

click on the pic for a closer look.

I'll post more pic of the BEFORE me, so you'll get the idea.

that's me in the white shirt (photo dated April 2006)

with a good buddy back in my previous job.

at my bro wedding (Aug 2004).. akif still so small ;)


  1. Way to go Sher! Salute you. One of its kind. Wish you good luck and all the best. You are the living proof.

  2. ello, i consider myself quite a health conscious person, but, but, you do have ALL my respect..!! I am extremely proud of you. You have my full support in your all out effort to achieve your goal. way to go.. ;-)

  3. thanks.
    my only intention sharing this is hoping that I inspire people to loose that extra kilos..

    like i said.. if i can do it.. you can do too!

  4. bro,now i m adding ur blogs for my personal health advice reading material...tabik bro!!!congrats..now i know y u only eat Subway..we shud do loyalty for them..



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