Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What's Your Typical Breakfast?

Again, famous question.

At work in the morning, people tend to ask me out for breakfast, a quick dash to the eatery to grab something for breakfast (typically around 9'ish), and I normally responded with.. 'I've mine already, you go ahead.. -their immediate response typically would be.. 'Come-on, let's just have a some capati, it's healthy!'

When we sleep at nite for 5-7 hrs, our body is in a recovery mode, the body is resting and it slows down the metabolism. We're pretty much fasting all nite long. Hence, the word 'break-fast' is to break the fast, and we should jump-start our metabolism at the earliest possible in the morning upon waking up. Yes, it's true, breakfast is the most important meal of the day - numerous studies have shown that eating breakfast can help you to loose weight.

Eat your breakfast early morning, jump-start your metabolism soonest you can. It helps you to loose weight. Meal timing is crucial is managing your weight - you need to keep your metabolism humming.. always!

Here's my typical breakfast menu - I make sure I have lots of high quality proteins, healthy fats, and good carbs!:

1. Rolled Oats with nuts and seeds - I use organic no-sugar soy milk powder, with 3-4 tablespoon of rolled oats with cashew/almonds nut, sunflower/pumpkin/sesame seeds, wheat-germ and some dash of cinnamon & chocolate powder, with ground flaxseed. sometimes i add some dried appricot/raisins/dates.

2. Yogurt with fruits - 4 tablespoon of natural low-fat no-sugar yogurt, with fresh cut fruits, and dash of ground flaxseed & cinnamon, and sprinkle of pumpkin/sunflower seeds, as well some dried appricot/raisins/dates.

3. Whole grains bread with light canned tuna - i spread the bread with natural no-sugar peanut butter, and sprinkle some ground flaxseed, topped with some romaine/butterhead/iceberg salads, and raisins. some dash of black/white pepper. sometimes i spread it with home-made pesto made by my lovely wife (just love the pungent garlic, basil, with pine-nut and olive-oil).

4. same as #3, but replacing tuna with a poached omega-3 egg.

5. sometimes, i just take 2 soft-boiled eggs with some dash of black/white pepper dipped with whole-grain bread. (i normally take 1 whole egg, and the other just the white).

6. recently, i've added Quinoa to the #1 recipe - over the weekend i prepared quinoa and keep it in a tupperware for the week supply for my morning oats or dinner with brown-rice. highly nutritious grain.. i needed the complete protein!

I typically spend 5 mins to prepare, and 10-15mins to eat my breakfast! typically ends around 7:30am, and dash out of the door for work. It's quick - no excuse of no time. (so instead of having your breakfast at 9'ish, take your breakfast as early as you can - I get my metabolism kicking in earlier (it promotes weight loss), 2 hours earlier than my colleagues).

Is that all I eat for breakfast? not getting bored? well, for heart healthy diet, we need to consume a minimum of 3 servings of whole-grains everyday. I feel healthy eating those, I feel full and I know it does my body good! ... remember..i'm still trying to achieve my goals!

At around 10:30-11am, I'll take my apple/pear/guava as my snack (you have to eat something at least every 3-4 hours to ensure your blood sugar and metabolism humming at peak. I tend to have some fruits as a snack, sometimes some almonds/chickpeas or prunes), before taking my lunch at 1-2pm.

next post.. my typical lunch.

Sher Khan.

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