Thursday, July 24, 2008

Stay Good at 90% of the Time

Some people commented, 'Sher, you ah, don't be paranoid, eat some ice-cream or pizza or KFC once a while.. it's ok. Just this one meal'.

It's true. I can 'cheat', infact we should 'cheat' once a while to satisfy our gastronomic adventure. The articles mentioned about once-a-while we need to 'shock' or 'overload' our system with lots of sugary/fatty foods. We needed that occasional spike in our blood sugar so that our body able to handle more efficiently later. But cheat sensibly, stay back on track.

Having said all that, I still didn't splurge on any ice-cream, or bigmac or that-not-to-be-missed-hot-chocolate-cake, ever since I started, yup, not even a single french fries.
My only reason is - I've a goal to achieve, I shall stick (and find ways to improve) with whatever I'm doing now, until I reach my goal.

Last week, my wife told me exactly that - we've packed some left-over fried-chickens from my sister's place - my wife said, "for once, please eat that fried-chicken, it's ok you know, you're already slim".

Not for me, I'd rather eat just some fruits, and a handful of nuts.

I'm trying to stay clean as much as 90%, that 10% is spared if I need to take an extra handful of the nuts (but not deep-fried-chicken).

Sher Khan.

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