Thursday, November 13, 2008


I just had my medical check-up done few days back, and frankly I was a bit worried for this check-up. Worried because the last check-up I did was about 6 months ago (the longest period in between the checks since I started this journey), and I don't know what would my results be. I know I've been good, but yeah.. occasionally, I did slip up.. missed my exercises and gobble-up more than I should... worst, I just came back from a 4 days company retreat (means lotsa hotel buffet spread!.. how could one resist!).

Anyway, gotten the results, met the wellness doctor, let's just say, I'm overwhelmed!!
The doc actually said, 'Sher, you're now free from any health risk, you've rejuvenated yourself!'

I seek further clarification, wanting to know what she actually meant. She said, just look at your vital signs. The records tells the histories, about 1+ years ago, you're pretty much considered as a 'high-risk' or 'borderline' in terms of the medical risk of getting myriads of diseases especially related to diabetes and hearts diseases (stroke, hypertension, heart attack!). Today, your vital signs tells me that you're very well within the desired range, and I can safely say, you're at a perfect health!

Last Feb 2007, I've set myself to seek a healthier life, and I guess I did it!

I've achieved my goal!

Now, let's take a look at the results:

click the image for a bigger view

My Blood Sugar level was originally at 5.8, and now hovering around 4.9-5.1
My Total Cholesterol was originally at 5.45mmol/L, now at 3.4
My Triglycerides was originally at .39mmol/L, now at .28
My HDL was originally at 1.13mmol/L, now at a whopping 2.09!!!
My LDL was originally at 2.8mmol/L, now down to 1.2!!!
My uric acid level was originally at 487, now at 375!!
My Blood Pressure was originally at 122/84, now at 103/56.
My BMI was originally at 45.7, now at 24.5.

Like I said over and over again, losing weight is just the side effect of trying to be healthy. Focus on leading a healthy life (eat right, drink right, plus do regular exercise). Check the rest of this blog, I've pretty much documented my journey to share with all of you out there. If you've questions, feel free to drop me a line. Good luck!

So, what's next? lots of people has been asking.

let's do it in the next post ;)

be healthy!

Sher Khan.


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