Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Exercises..

This month I've been talking a lot on exercises/workout. I'm not saying that whatever I've done is the best or perfect for you, but what I'm doing so far is to share exactly of what I've been doing - so that you have an idea what I've done (that's the main objective of me having this blog)

Whichever you think it's useful - by all means, please go ahead an use it. Like I said many times, I've tried a couple out there, and have read a LOT of websites, and bought some books as well. Whatever I've shared is from my personal experience, and I'm sharing it to the world.

Here's the link again:
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This is not ALL of it that I've to say about exercises - but I've covered some major points of how I do my exercises. Follow some of the links I've provided, and hopefully you'll find the most suitable regime/programs for you. (oh btw, there's one more topic I wanted to comment wrt exercises - our internal cell powerhouse - the mitochondrial function, an important reason why we need to exercise - I'll do that in my upcoming post).

Whatever exercises do you, my advices are:
1. please be consistent - don't expect you'll lose weight by doing just once or twice a week - strive for at least 3 times a week. I used to do 6 times a week during my initial days.
2. start slow, and keep note on it - i used to have a log of what kind/type of exercises I do, and what have i achieved .ie. running - 2km, 5mph, 45mins. etc.
3. the most important - is progression. a little a day goes a long way... today you walk at 2mph, then 3mph, later 5mph, after that you run at 5.5mph, or today you bench at 10kg, then 15kg, later 30kg!
4. your nutrition - if your intention to lose weight - exercise alone is not enough. You need to take care of your eating habits.. focus on eating healthily - drop the junk food please.

Here's some of my posts with regards to how I do my nutrition:
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Hope that helps!

Sher Khan.

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