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Exercise? - Part IV - Interval and Strength training

...continuation from Part I, II, III

In the last Part III, I touch so much on the Interval Training. Like I said, I'm a true believer of this type of training - mainly due to it's effectiveness in burning the fats, in a very short period of time.
The most common excuses you'll hear all around you with regards to exercise is.. "I've no time..".. "I'm too busy".. etc. etc. etc.. and choosing the type of exercises that doesn't requires a lot of time is very important criteria for me.. and for you too! (so no more excuses!).

Well, if you're really thinking of losing the fats (I bet you are - that's why you're here reading my blog) - you need to include exercise in whatever 'diet' program you're in. We need to use our body more! ok try this, while reading this, I want you to stand up - but without any support to the armchair or desk you're sitting - just stand up using both of your feet. Try now.

That's an example of a squat. One of my fav exercise - coz in a single move, it uses multiple muscles group - we called it compound exercises. That's the key of choosing what exercises to choose, some more example of compound exercises - deadlift, lunges, push-ups, bench press, dumbell row, etc. The more muscles you work on, the more energy it needs and the more calories it burns!

Another key tips - Cardio workouts will torch calories, but resistance/strength training is a big part of the equation if you want to burn fat. Boosting your muscle mass increases your metabolism, so you burn more calories all the time, even when you're not working out.
Check this report on the Darkside of Cardio by my fav trainer - Craig

On a typical workday, I normally do my strength workout for about 20-30mins, and then followed by Interval Training for another 15-20mins. I've read somewhere about that strength training shall creates some kind of hormones in your body, and when you followed with high intensity cardio, it shall burns the fats at a faster rate... I don't know if it's true, but believe me, I've tried quite a few variations/series, and I've found that this combination is the fastest way to blow-torch my fats!

Infact, Craig Ballantyne's Turbulence Training(TT) is based on this concept. I've tried a couple of exercises out there, and by far, TT's is my fav. To this very day, I still uses his techniques in most of my bodyweight exercises. The bodyweight training is so practical and easy to do, and you can do just about anywhere - at home or in a hotel room.. with quick routine for blasting the fat.. even if I've only 10-15 mins.... so no excuses of not exercing... Thanks Craig!

See here some great tips from Craig (10mins workout)

No excuse of no time to exercise huh? ;)
Since I've found Craig's workout routine - on YouTube, you can find many others. YouTube has been my valuable resource on learning the many variations of working-outs etc - just make sure you search properly ;)

Other great trainers of mine (they're my trainers because I've been following their programs as well) :-
  • Mike Geary (I love his nutritional insights, and simple exercises that focus on the core training) - don't forget to subscribe to his newsletter - excellent dose of health insights!
  • Vince DelMolte (his no-nonsense tips is excellent - I love the fact that this guy don't believe in any of the body building miracle powder out there.. focusing on natural whole food). He has some great free videos on YouTube.. check it out please!

also, please do check out Men's Health Belly Off program. Don't miss this one (btw, most of this is from Craig's methods - but you get to see great videos.. like spiderman push-ups etc) - download and print this workout guide.. awesome!

while you're at it, do try the No-Gym Required program.. it looks simple, but boy, it leave you breathless!

Check them out - I'm sure you'll find something you'll like.
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have you exercise today?

Sher Khan.

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