Sunday, November 7, 2010

I needed a coach to keep me going.. Part 1

I always get that shock look in people's face whenever they hear my response to their question of 'Where do you learn on how to lose the weight?'

If you've been following me here, you do know that the answer to that questions is "the Internet". It's the major source of my research. I used uncle google so much to research and find stuff, and along the way I've stumble across many materials that assisted me.. while most of it is free, there are some that I've actually bought them.

These are what I meant by my personal coaches, and I've a few of them! covering from nutritional standpoint, up to the training programs. I've shared about them throughout this blog many times.

We do need coaches, they're the expert in their field (they've done enough researched and worked with many other people) and most of times, we needed them to kick our posterior!! See all the great athletes, celebrities, etc, they all have coaches. 

Let me share with you my personal favorite, especially with regards to what to eat and not to eat (the nutritional expect). It's none other than Isabel's program -- at least 90% of what she had taught in her book.. I'm following it religiously.. She has a great (sometimes hilarious!) nutritional newsletter that I will definitely read everytime! I just like the way she writes.. she's my personal coach for a long time already (see my earlier post with regards to her)

You're asking, why just 90% sher?? Well, although I've approved or agreed to most of it, there are some of the information that.. let's just say, I've discovered from my own experiences that I prefer my own way.. well, I do have my own likes and dislikes..  

But I tell you, give Isabel's program a shot, I can't recommend enough. Even if you don't follow what she say, I'm very sure you'll learn a thing or two (don't forget to subscribe to her free newsletter).

stay strong,
Sher Khan.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Aftermath of 2010 Eid/Raya..

Well since the last Ramadhan, now I'm back to my normal routines.. (during the fasting month my exercising period is shorter, and I tend to focus more on cardio related (outdoor biking/runnning/interval training) rather than strength training (bench presses/weightlifting in the gym), no specific reason is just that I feel a bit weaker towards the end of the day before the iftar (breaking of fasting).

Quite frankly (more like confession), this 2010 Eid, is my worst ever since the past 3 years that I've been on this journey. I've actually had some Rendang! I think I do deserve it after years of not touching it :) --good excuse eh :)... but I still haven't touch any of the cookies, yup you know me, no nutritional value.. i.e junk food. They're just loaded with sugar, butter fat, more sugar/coloring, simple carbs (the white flours), some preservatives (if store bought), and even some got the dreaded trans-fat (the shortening) -- once you've taken one, I bet you can't stop to take another! -- so I stay clear of those.

An update -- I've actually had gained some weight back since my last posting on my weight, by 5kg to be exact. That is all planned. See my old post. I've even gotten some comments quite recently from office colleagues -- 'Eh, Sher, you gained weight ah?'..YUP!!.

I don't think I want to go all the way down to past 72kg that I used to be, although that's the point that I need to be in order to lose the remaining belly fat to reveal the 6-pack that I've always wanted. Why, you ask?. With the intensity of the training I'm doing these days, and when I'm restricted my calories (to create the calorie deficit -- to lose the weight), I feel weak, very weak sometimes, and recently I had to work extra-long hours on my current day job (that translate to very less snooze time & quite stressful.. very, infact). I would doze off while watching the tube, and if I were to put my head down on the pillow, within seconds I'll be in fantasy island (these are not the normal me !!).

I remember sharing this with my buddy, and he said, 'Sher, you're overdoing it, listen to your body'. Well thanks bro Roslan, I am now listening to it, and been working to balance it. I noticed if I'm hovering around 75-80kg. I feel fine, energetic, and able to push myself to the limit (I still think I can push it even further!!). The problem is, I still have some layers of sagging fat around my belly.... it's a hell to get rid off!!

One of way that I think I need to do is to increase my training intensity, and I definitely need to change my training routines. My body may have accustomed to some of the training I've been doing, because not much progress has been made. Hence, recently I've forced myself to checkout a fitness bootcamp program.... last Friday, at 5:45am, I'm already at local stadium field, with some folks doing HIIT (some of my earlier posting on HIIT) while most people still snoozing ... I'll share that in my next post. stay tune.

stay strong.
Sher Khan.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cholesterols, Oh Cholesterols..

During this Eid festive season, it's a challenge to keep your sane in check. The following are just some of the links to reminds you of our dear friend lurking in our bodies. Don't get me wrong, our body need cholesterols to function properly, but getting a lot of the bad ones (the LDL) clogging your blood vessels and arteries -- that creates harmful illnesses (hypertension, heart-attack, stroke.. to name a few)..
Yes, you can have those rendang, ketupat, etc.. but pls limit your portion. My advice -- if you know you can't control your portion -- pls don't even start taking it, just leave it on the table... and cook yourself a nice grill chicken with herbs and spices with some steamed veggies... delicious. no-guilt.;)

Here's some nice reminders (courtesy of WebMD)
15 Simple Ways to Lower Cholesterol (slide show)
11 Tips to Cut Your Cholesterol Fast
The Basics of Cholesterol
Cholesterol Guidelines (video)

knowledge is power!

stay strong
Sher Khan.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Diabetes (type 2) is curable

Recently I was in fierce debate with a bunch of folks on this subject -- that Diabetes is reversible/curable. If you're diabetic, it is not the end of the world!

Well, as I've always mentioned, I'm not a doctor (or anything close to have any professional medical background), but I do read stuff on this subject (a lot!), and sharing from my personal experiences.

To me, diabetes is a lifestyle illness. Meaning, whatever your lifestyle is right now, it's sucks, and it's killing you (with diabetes). And I know most of you diabetes sufferer out there, this is not new, you know this. The thing is, instead of procrastinate, why can't you just change the poor lifestyle into a better one?? Lead a healthy lifestyle for say just a 3-months period, and then decide. The proof is in the pudding !!

Once you've fixed your diabetic condition (of poor insulin resistance), and you're already lead a active lifestyle, it's ok to sometimes indulge! you've to earn it.

No one else can do this for you, it's all up to you. You're 100% responsible (and stop blaming others/environment/genes.... pls).

See my earlier post on these subjects

Diabetic + Obesity = Diabesity !!

or any of my earlier post that has mentioned diabetes.

stay strong
Sher Khan.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sunday, August 22, 2010

How and What to Eat & Exercise during the Fasting Month

Been getting quite a bit of queries on 'how to eat' and 'how to exercise' during the fasting month now. I've made some post back then and it's still relevant to this very day. Personally, I'm still following to every words to it -- this is my own personal tips. Up to you to lead yours.

My last year post - got links to other tips.

Ramadan is back!


Stay strong.
Sher Khan.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Got problem with your Uric Acid level? Fruit Juices may be the culprit!

Recently, I've bumped into yet another article saying how bad fruit juices are to our health. This article is written by a medical doctor (Dr. Richard Johnson) who has vast experience in the subject, his claims backed by his scientific research! See the interview by Dr. Mercola with Dr. Richard.

Interestingly, he pointed a fact that if you've problem with high uric acid levels (esp. gout sufferers), you should checked your sensitivity towards fructose (the sugar in fruits). His research actually shows that high uric acid levels increase the risk of diabetes, high-blood pressure, kidney diseases and obesity.... and fructose are one of the major culprit!!!

Well, I'm not a doctor, I don't know if what Dr. Richard say it's true, but I tend to agree based on my personal experiences. I used to have gout back then, my uric acid level was waaaayyy above the limit, and after I've cleaned my diet and exercise, my uric acid level are now at a normal level -- yup one of it, I've stayed away from fruit juices a long time ago. See my earlier post on some of the figures.

Bottom line: based on scientific research, fruit juices is not as healthy as all of us think. Take it sparingly, treat is as indulgences (as in ice-cream, cakes, etc.. you can take it once a while). Best if you can avoid it altogether. If you're thirsty, grab a bottle of water, you'll be better off healthwise.

Check my earlier post on this subject... To Juice or Not to Juice..

stay strong
Sher Khan

Thursday, June 3, 2010

To juice or not to juice..

Back in 2008, I posted an article on fruit juices - Fruit Juice is Way Overhype - contrary to popular belief - that commercial fruit juices doesn't do any good to your health.

Recently, Isabel (my fav nutritionist by far) posted an article - that further re-affirm my understanding on this subject. Have a go to her article - To juice or NOT to juice.. that is the question. and you know what I mean.

stay strong
Sher Khan.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pull-ups - a good MRT?

Pull ups - is where you hang yourself with your palm facing away from you. You pull yourself up until your chin pass the bar.

I like this article by Jason - Top 10 ways to improve your pull-ups. 

He goes by saying ....."The pull up is quite possibly the ultimate measure of strength. It’s also one of the greatest muscle building exercises in existence, which is precisely why it’s been called the upper body squat....... .... People all too often ask, “How much can ya bench?” A more appropriate question would be “How many pull ups can you do?” The pull up measures your strength to weight ratio better than almost any other exercise known to man"....

These days, I tend to do this almost every other day.. up to 10 reps (fresh), the most I can do it is 15 (not an easy feat for me though). Normally, I would be doing it in the morning just before my shower, and another in the evening, just before the shower. I'm targeting to achieve 15 in a single set within the next 3 months.
My fav routine is to do 3 sets of 5 reps each (with the 3rd set to failure). And I hate the 3rd set!!! but i know it's working, because my heart rate goes way high and my upper body muscles are trembling..... that's MRT (metabolic resistance training) by itself! (go and read why MRT is THE way to do your workouts.. interval training is considered old-school already..)

Got to have targets. So I know what I'm working towards, and put my plans to work... as they say.. failure to plan, is planning to fail.

live strong!
Sher Khan

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Prepare early for nutritious food..

I make sure I prepare some food/snacks upfront so that I don't have to resort to a 'convenience food' (a term I use to eat whatever we take whenever we're hungry - things like un-healthy snacks/meal whenever we feel hungry). Having our food ready upfront is important to maintain ones diet. Serious to lose weight and be healthy? then no excuse for eating junk.

Sharing with you some of my typical weekend ritual of preparing my food up-front for the week.
1. I make sure I stock-up on the groceries stuff (chicken, fish, lots of vegetables and fruits) - i like to buy off the local market (or night-market) - not the hypermarkets. It's fresher and better quality (from experience).
2. preparing some tidbits or snacks for the week (dry roasted nuts/sunflower seeds/pumpkin seeds, etc)
3. prepare my breakfast ingredients (flaxseed, sesame seeds, peanut butter, etc)

below are some pic

Grinding the flaxseed to take the most benefits of it - easily digested/absorbed by our body. What is flaxseed? see old post.

Baking my own 100% whole wheat bread. I like the heavy, dense, high-fiber, all natural home bake bread. My recipe can be found here.

I've also grinded sesame seeds to a more finer paste-like. It's best to dry roasted the sesame seeds first, then grinded it. Again, for easy absorbing into my body. BTW, do you know that sesame seeds has the highest plant sterol? the natural science-proven cholesterol lowering substance. See previous post on seeds.

My typical breakfast in the mornings (takes about <8mins to prepare) --- I take 5 spoonful of rolled-oat, mixed with 2 spoonful of powdered skimmed-milk, with hot water in the bowl. Then after 5 mins, I put few dashed of cinnamon-powder, and mixed the sesame seed paste, about 2 tb grinded flaxseed, one handful of goji-berry, pinch of raisins/pumpkin seeds/sunflower seeds/wheat germ, handful of nuts (peanuts/almond/cashews). YUUMMMYY... . more breakfast ideas from my previous post.

There you go. have fun exploring.

Sher Khan.


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