Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ramadan is back!

Interesting message from Obama. Thanks for the respect to the muslims.
We're in the Ramadan (fasting month) now, and the most favorite topic some of you been asking me is on how does one eats during this period.
I did a post on that last year, and looking back at the post - I've not digress much. So, it's still very relevant on how I will lead this year again on how I do my nutrition and exercises.

So here's the post:

Today, just before Iftar (the breaking of fast), I did some short exercise at the nearby park (was at kg pandan) - ran about 2km, and do my bodyweight routines - all about 40mins.. back home just nice at 7:15pm getting ready to iftar.

How's yours so far??

Oh btw... I've a long-awaited post that my readers has been asking - 'my progress so far..' - I've the details compiled, just that.. it's taken longer that I've expected (been really really busy at work)... some shocking details to share it with you...for the 1st time ever, the scale is going upwards!!!.... jeng..jeng..jeng.. wait for that post..

be good.
Sher Khan.


  1. "bro, i'm still amazed on how u did it...moreover in a short span of time ... u proved a point that nothing is impossible if your mind is up to it.. congrats bro, and continue to inspire others..."


  2. hv u consulted all ur "gurus" or not, abt the change in the result..? they might hv some tips to what's happening and might be able to offer some light to it..



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