Monday, April 27, 2009

Another superfood..

These days there are too many 'health' or 'miracle' food came about - that people tend to go searching for it like there's no tomorrow. Hoping that if they were to consume it soonest, they're able to reap all the benefits it promises..  we used to hear aloe vera, ginkgo bibola, ginseng, soy, phylium husk, and more recently promegranate juices, green tea, omega-3 and selenium compound, mangosteen juices, dark chocolates, acai berry.. the list goes on and on..

This weekend I had the chance to explore a new type of food that I've found. I've read it a few times on the web and various other publication, just that don't know where to get it locally..

So what is it? it's wolfberries, locally known as kei-chi (in chinese), or it's internationally famous name.. Goji berry!

Do give a quick search on uncle Google, and you'll be surprised the immense health benefits this little berry delivers! it's toooo maaaannyyyy out there that and i feel dumb not getting into it.

I stumble on it back then when I was exploring the ginseng soup (see my previous post on that), but didn't know it's excellent health benefits. I tend to put it into the soup only, and I didn't know we can just eat it raw. 

You can easily find them in any chinese medicine shops. I bought bunch of them, and been adding it into my bowl of oats or yogurts in the morning, and also eat it raw as a snack... yummy..

so what hv you tried today?

ps: an article you shouldn't missed - 10 Best Food You Aren't Eating

let's be healthy..
Sher Khan.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bread - sabotaging your diet?

Do you know that wheat and wheat products (bread, wheat flour, pasta, wheat cereals, what ever product that list wheat or flour as an ingredient) are the type of foods that can really cause a sudden increase in blood sugar?.. hence I've been avoiding them to close about 2 years now, and been taking 'whole wheat' kind of breads, and it's the best way to maintain our health?

Yes and No. 

Yes - we need to take whole-grains into our diet to increase the amount of fiber you take and the benefits of 'whole-grains' itself - from the bran-endosperm-to-the germ (as opposed to the refined white flour that is mainly starch from the endosperm). Being 'paranoia' as I am - i don't even want to take the normal whole-wheat bread on the local baked shelf because if you were to look at the ingredient (see for your self, some of popular local brands - like hi-five, gardenia, etc). Take a look at the ingredient list, and you know why. Hence, I baked my own 100% whole wheat, and has been perfecting it now.. (hmmm I can still smell the bread off the hot oven.. heavenly!)

Having said that, I've discovered recently that wheat (even whole wheat) is one of the substance that people are allergic to it - normally to the special protein inside it, known as gluten. That typically creates blemishes and acne on the skin (due to the high insulin secretion to balance off the high glucose in the body).

I've also realised that flour and flour products are still processed food (even whole wheat). We're better off eating brown rice (closer to it's original form), and obviously other fruits and vegetables.

Don't get me wrong here, I'm a fan of bread. I love whole-wheat bread (took me months to perfected my own recipe) - just love the taste of it, topped with peanut butter, and dash of raisins and sunflower seeds.. yummy!

The problem is - even if it's whole wheat - you tend to eat more than 2 slices sometimes (that is a lot - considering it's affect on your blood sugar). It will definitely sabotaging your diet. carb-overload!

If you've been dieting, and you're hitting the plateau - I suggest you look at your bread consumption. Hey - I'm not saying to never have bread again (it's life, you got to enjoy it rite?), just that I think we need to control it better - people are taking too much bread (especially the white kind - from the normal sandwich bread to naan bread to pastries to donuts to cakes). People are taking in 4-5 servings of some kind of bread type product every day that makes them gain weight. It prevents people from losing their unwanted weight, and worst, bringing about some diseases like heart diseases and type 2 diabetes.

I've been testing this on myself - it has been close to 2 months now that I've stayed away from flour and flour products (even whole-wheat)... and I tell you.. I feel lighter.. my skins getting clearer.. and the best thing is.. the scale is moving downwards consistently!!

I know, it's not easy.. believe me. Yup I've even missed my bread making session - the kneading is so therapeutic!

With no bread around - I tend to take more oats, yogurt, brown rice, and fruits for breakfast (see my typical breakfast), and of course, my new juicing adventures.

what have you discover recently???

to your good health,
Sher Khan.

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Monday, April 13, 2009

cardio vs weights - revisited

dear all,

Recently I got this note in my inbox and I think it's so appropriate to share.
It's from men's health..

Do you know what the most popular fitness goals have in common? Here are three to crank your thinking wheel: lose a few pounds, shave 2 inches from your belly, add 2 inches to your arms

Give up? You need to develop muscle to accomplish any of them. One reader asks: What's the balance between cardio and strength training to get the most muscle

Our answer: Spend more of your time in the weight room. 

Low-intensity aerobic exercise (jogging, biking, swimming) burns a heck of a lot of calories. But as scenic as it can be, it builds little—if any—muscle. 

Why? When you're working out for 20 or more minutes, your body eats its way through your immediate energy sources, like fat and glycogen, and rummages for the next power supply: fat-scorching, muscle-building protein. 

Lifting, on the other hand, won't burn as many calories as a run, but it will burn fat for up to 48 hours after your workout. For long-term weight management and muscles that pop, choose iron over the treadmill. 


My comments:

I couldn't agree more on the above article. Some people they tend to do a lot (and I mean a LOT of cardio), to them if they don't do cardio, they don't do exercise - me included. At a point that's how I looked at it. Even if I've done weights/strength for a solid 45mins, I still insist to finish off with some heavy interval type of training either on the threadmill or running-off on the track outside at about 80 to 90% of MHR.

Well, I've learnt and I'm moving on, tested some of that and this, and I 100% agree with the above article. These days, I tend to focus more of my workout on strength training (..even a bodyweight workout is hard enough - trust me - try them yourself!). But the thing is, my exercise routine combines strength and cardio - instead of sitting down and doing bicep curls, I'd be doing dumbell-swings - it moves multiple muscles in your body, and left me breathless, gasping for breath.. tell me if that is not cardio.. and by swinging a 15kg dumbell is not hard enough to your thigh, quads, shoulder, arms, back, & overall core muscles??. See my previous post relating to this topic... and don't miss this other one.

However, if you're not used to exercising/working-out, my advice is - pls do start with something - a typical cardio (like walking/running/cycling) alone is sufficient (aim to use your body more, hide your tv remote).... until you're so used to it and looking for varieties or when you're hitting the dreaded plateau, or you feel like you want to lose more of that stubborn fat around your belly or butt.. then please go ahead start strength training combined with some interval, and i bet you see some results!... oh btw, you still need to watch your eating habits ya..!

all the best.

stay healthy.

Sher Khan.


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