Monday, April 27, 2009

Another superfood..

These days there are too many 'health' or 'miracle' food came about - that people tend to go searching for it like there's no tomorrow. Hoping that if they were to consume it soonest, they're able to reap all the benefits it promises..  we used to hear aloe vera, ginkgo bibola, ginseng, soy, phylium husk, and more recently promegranate juices, green tea, omega-3 and selenium compound, mangosteen juices, dark chocolates, acai berry.. the list goes on and on..

This weekend I had the chance to explore a new type of food that I've found. I've read it a few times on the web and various other publication, just that don't know where to get it locally..

So what is it? it's wolfberries, locally known as kei-chi (in chinese), or it's internationally famous name.. Goji berry!

Do give a quick search on uncle Google, and you'll be surprised the immense health benefits this little berry delivers! it's toooo maaaannyyyy out there that and i feel dumb not getting into it.

I stumble on it back then when I was exploring the ginseng soup (see my previous post on that), but didn't know it's excellent health benefits. I tend to put it into the soup only, and I didn't know we can just eat it raw. 

You can easily find them in any chinese medicine shops. I bought bunch of them, and been adding it into my bowl of oats or yogurts in the morning, and also eat it raw as a snack... yummy..

so what hv you tried today?

ps: an article you shouldn't missed - 10 Best Food You Aren't Eating

let's be healthy..
Sher Khan.


  1. Great post about superfood. Hey what about aronia berry? Even though it is still not that popular yet, like acai or pomegranate it contains health properties equivalent to them.

  2. hhmm.. aronia.. frankly.. first time heard it.. have not seen around (locally). Shall try it one day, thanks!

  3. Hey, here are a few Chinese herbs you may want to look up if you haven't already: Reishi mushroom, Cordyceps, Ho Shou Wu, Deer Antler, Asparagus Root, Schizandra, Cistanche, and Rehmanna. I'm not sure how difficult these are to come by in your location but I'm sure most can be found on the Internet. If you ask uncle Google about Hyperion Herbs, you'll be able to find many there. Good luck! :)



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