Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Progress So Far...

hey ya all..

Wanted to update all of you with my progress so far.

Let's take a look at my infamous weight loss chart.

As shown above, my weight has not moved as much since October last year - for over 4 months period (Nov 2008 till March 2009), my weight has been hovering around the range of 70-72 kg.. up and down quite a bit...the dreaded plateau? Am I worried?

Yes and no.

YES, is because I am myself struggling to lose that stubborn fat around me (at least I thought it was), and looking at the scales it looks like it doesn't go off... true?

Not so. 

You look at it again closely...focusing on the the red dot with green line above. That is my body fat percentage (BF%) that I've been monitoring. The moment I saw the scales doesn't move as much, and knowing I've been maintaining my diet, and exercises - I realised the weight loss tracking is not effective anymore. I started to measure my BF, and the result revealed something interesting --- it's a proof that tells me.. while the weight is not loss, the FAT does!

During the 4 months period, while my weight is stabilising, my BF% is going lower... from 14.4% when I first recorded it back in Nov 2008, now it is about 12.7% - that's about 1.7% of BF lost in 4 months..  a lot? i don't know... but one thing for sure, while my weight doesn't lose as much, my pants is getting even looser by the month!!! 

and NO, it's because, I know my muscles are growing!

Am I happy? of coz...! 

I'm closing in to my target of getting the 6-pack abs!  - I've read that to get a ripped 6-packs, you need to be below 8% of BF%.... hmm that's about 4% to go!

if 1.7% in 4 months.. looks like by end of the year... I'll show you my 6-packs then!!!! ;)

To your good health.

Sher Khan.

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  1. wow..that was awesome.congrats on ur fat loss.
    thanx for sharing this.i've been around the same weight since last 2 months. but my body fat % reduce by 1 %. i think we r in the same boat ? hehehe

  2. good.. let's compare.. and compete with each other.. kita sama-sama buat.. for our own good.

    all the best bim!



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