Thursday, March 5, 2009

some questions, and tips..

hi.. had an email chat with some colleagues, and I thought, to share with you all..


Bros.. to start.. don’t do drastically.. would be difficult.. then you’ll turn-off, at the end.. failed miserably... do something you can stay for long-term.. it’s a lifestyle change really… focus on leading a healthier life (by eating healthily and do regular exercise).. the losing of weight/tummy shall come naturally…

 To stop the intake of rice just like that can be tough, and by replacing it with whole meal bread won’t help as much (if you take more than 2)– still glycemic load is way too high – need to regulate your insulin level much better.

 I suggest, to start, you still take the rice, but.. small portion. As a rule, always divide  your plate into 4 quarters – rice, veggie, chicken/fish, fruit/veggie.

No second helping pls… portion control is a must.. best if you can change the white rice into brown rice (refined into complex)..  so you shall feel full longer… it helps with that hunger pangs. Do eat 5 mini meals a day, not the typical 3 big meals (it shall rev up your metabolism – the key to weight loss!) 

Having said that - the most important is to make progress – in yr case, instead of everyday and every meal you take rice, try this - today no rice for dinner, but esok like usual, then.. slowly move into selang sehari.. today rice, tomorrow no rice, etc.. this week 5 times, next week 4 times, so on.. adding new food into your menu that is high in its nutritional value, and dropping the bad ones…  The key is progress… if you’re really serious, please have a log of what you’re eating daily (no cheating here – be honest). After a few days, you can revisit what you’ve eaten (and what you should have avoided).. then make that progress..  it’s a lifestyle change.. (share with me your log, I can assist you to improve what you’re eating).

 Also, keep note on your weight every other week (have a log also) – timbang at the same place, same time (lepas subuh before breakfast – in your birthday suit). The timbang log and the food log are the records that motivates you to improves yourself as you go along.. the challenge is all within yourself. Bak kata Sir Edmund Hillary -  "It's not the mountain we conquer but ourselves."

Don’t starve yourself. It shall slow down your metabolism – eat something every 3-4 hours (hence you keep seeing me eating fruits or nuts.. right?), and drink LOTS of plain water. 

Btw, go slow on the fruits.. too much fruits is not good also.. too high in fructose.. leads to weight gain (fructose doesn’t metabolise as efficient as glucose for energy). Need to avoid certain fruits for now.. very sweet ones like watermelon .. need to normalise your insulin level first… so it won’t hit you with that binge, that increases your appetite level.. 

Whatever it is.. the key is moderation.. and like nabi said.. stop eating before kenyang.. it’s all true.

Exercise? It’s important, but to me, you need to start by improving your eating habit first – then we talk about exercise.

Ok bros.. all the best..!! 

Ps: I use online BMI calculator to check mine.. normal bmi is between 18.5 to 24.9. But then again, sometime people can be within the ‘normal’ bmi, but other vital health signs, like the lipid profile is all borderline cases or even high-risk level.. so kena jaga la… so that you’re free from health risk (heart attack, stroke, diabetes, hypertension, etc) – the most common diseases and killer!

Eh.. panjang pulak tulis..  sorry.. a bit passionate on this subject these days.. let’s do lunch.. can talk further.

Sher Khan.


From: DIN 

Hmm.. Ahmad is damn serious.

 Aku pun dah tak makan nasi since “that day”. Aku tak lah rasa lapar, but instead rasa energy quite low lah..

 My current status:

Weight = 73kg
Waist = 34”
BMI = 23.8

In 4 mths, to reduce to:

Weight = 65kg
Waist = 31”
BMI = 21.2

Aku rasa the most ideal BMI shd be around 20-21. Betul ka Sher?





Rosli made a challenge to me, Din and Wan to get in better shape. Alhamdulillah, we have started our ‘diet’ Monday 2 march lepas. Anyway, need tips....

Current status: 1 March 2008
Weight : 74 kg
Waist: 34’
BMI: 26.2

Goal – in 4 months
Weight : 65 kg
Waist: 32’
BMI: 23

Anyway, aku dah stop eating rice and hopefully boleh istiqamah le.... I am supplementing it with roti wholemeal and lots of fruits.... Damn... Right now, aku rasa lapar gila!!! Ni baru 2 hari ni.... Exercise, I take 30 mins power walk after subuh.... At least 3 times a week. Okay, let me know what else I need to do....

Mmm aku rasa aku nak add to my blog ni...... Hahaha, golf blog aku pun silence aje...



  1. I don't quite get it when you say.. don't eat too much fruit.. and fructose vs glucose thing.. care to explain?
    i thought fruits is ok?????

  2. When the liver encounters glucose, it decides whether the body needs to store it, burn it for energy or turn it into triglycerides.

    However when the fructose enters the body, it bypasses the process and ends up being quickly converted to body fat.

    Fruits contains mostly Fructose - although a few pieces of fruit is ok - too much is not recommended (although the fiber in the fruits helps to tone down the fructose, still eat them in moderation).. everything should be in moderation.

  3. hi sher

    ur blog is inspirational
    im also on a quest to lose weight
    its wonderful to read about someone who has succeed with sheer determination
    i wish i have 1/10 of your will power

    in my case ive tried endless diet and tried different medications

    finally this time ive put my foot down and decided to do it the right way this time
    no medicine..just healthy eating habit..

    this time around im reallys serious because i was just diagnosed to have diabetes..but i refeuse to start on diabetic medication yet..i want to lose weight and change my lifestyle..

    i started weighing 110.5 kg
    height 164 cm

    i began watching what i ate sice mid January of this year
    more or less our eating style is similar..i really cut down on carbs..taking many nuts for snacks

    so far ive lost 9 kg

    its pretty slow..and i feel that now it has plateau

    i didnt do any exercise then because i thot id want to lose bit of weight befor start exercising..

    hey sher..when do u actually incorporate exercise into ur lifetyle..was it from early on
    what kinda exercise did u start with..especially during the early phase..those push ups aints that easy to do..for a heavy gal for me..

    another this is..the flour that u bought to make ur bread..which particular shop did u get it from..

    also..sometimes i have sweet tooth..but i dont indulge in the normal cakes and sweets..instead i buy these sugarfree chocs and sweets..the brand is 'Sugarless" (if im not mistaken) ..i bought in in Isetan supermarket..that shud be fine...shudnt it ?

    anyway..keep on writing sher..

    im feeling psyched..

  4. hi.. relax.. no need to feel psyched.. do you know that the higher the stress level, the more difficult for you to lose weight?.. yup, it is. Our body produces the hormone cortisol for us to handle stress. The cortisol increases blood sugar levels and blood pressure, ensuring we are able to response to the pressure properly (body natural survival mechanism). If we continuously under stress, the level of cortisol is constantly high, thus it makes us difficult to lose weight. So, chill out sis, it helps to lose the weight off.
    On chocolate - although it's high in antioxidant, the regular milk chocolate is too high in sugar and cocoa butter. Need to take only the >70% dark chocolate varieties, even then, that's about 2 fingers squares per day only... but.. how can one resist right? my suggestion, if you're serious to control your diet/diabetes, you have to make that sacrifies. Does your craving of chocolate as important as to be free of diabetes? you choose, you decide. it's all in your hands. BTW, the sugarless version is just marketing gimmick - check and see the ingredient list - i bet you'll see some aspartame or saccharin in it - they're artificial sugar - worst that normal table sugar. search on them on uncle google.

    on wholemeal flour - you can find just about any bakery stores. just look for wholemeal or wholegrain flours. I bought mine at Bake With Yen Bakery Supplies store in Puchong (near my house).

    on exercise - yes, i do start some light bodyweight exercises during my initial days, and walk on the treadmill only for at least 4 months before i start feeling walking is a bit too light, and started running. actually when I bought the treadmill, all i planned was to walk on it.. that's it. i hate running. now, i ran everytime. back then, i can't even do 1 pushup, start slow with kneeling pushup, then progress.

    ok. all the best.



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