Wednesday, March 18, 2009

skip the fat, you'll lose the fat

----i have revised this post with more details explaination....

Skip the fat, and you'll lose the flab.. the saying goes. Hence the low-fat diet being so popular out-there. Infact, that's what the old food pyramid is telling us. Eat a lot of grains, and take fat sparingly. We know now that eating lots of grains, especially refined types is disastrous coz its spiking your insulin level too high that leads to you eat more and ended up not using the energy created, and later the body store the unused energy as a storage - and guess how our body stores it as?.. yup.. FAT! 

Well I say this based on my personal experience, and I've learnt that don't go low-fat or low-carbs, but eat the right type of fat/carb, and avoid the bad ones. (see 2 most evil food to avoid)

As I've been saying over and over again here - work with your body, not against it, and you will lose the fat!.. automatically. no kidding.

You asked - how to work with our body? well, our body was designed to process the food we eat.The process where your body uses the energy you take (the food) and combined it with the oxygen you inhaled is called your 'metabolic rate'.. i.e. the efficiency of your body metabolism. The higher the metabolism, the more efficient is uses the energy in your body (even from excess food), and it left with no excess storage. 
If you were to take 'processed food', you've left your body with nothing to process. If you were to take a LOT of refined food,it  increases the energy so fast in your system (which input is more than the output), that easily lead to excess storage..the fat!

The other problem with processed food is that - the healing nutrition (the enzymes, vitamin, minerals) is almost non-existence - that made the food manufacturer has to fortify it (with added vitamins! - that is not natural) or tend to diminish from the date it's being manufactured to the date you consume it.

ok, sorry.. enough on that...too much science you say.. 

Here's a quick tips to shave off the fat (typical malaysian diet):
  • go slow with the bad and ugly fats - the saturated fat and trans-fat (avoid if you can) - that means, go slow on full cream dairy products, red meat, anything cook with refined cooking oil, fast-foods, deep fried foods - yes those fried chickens, ikan goreng, pisang goreng, popia goreng, karipap, keropok, kerepek ubi etc etc etc. 
  • move from refined carbohydrates to complex carbohydrates - white rice to brown rice, white bread to wholegrain bread, white potatoes to sweet potatoes, white pasta to wholegrain pasta, roti canai to capati, no bihun/kuehteiow/laksa (processed).
  • take lean protein like chicken (without skin), fish, nuts and seeds.
  • stick with plain water only - no teh tarik, carbonated drinks, teh ais limau, kopi tarik, milo, etc
  • last but not least ... you think i'll skip this one?.. pls do regular exercise!! (no time? see this)
also here's a good article I read recently on webmd's - good fat vs bad fat.

Well.. if you can do the above 90% of the times, I'm sure you will lose the fat... guaranteed! There you go.. sher khan's fat loss prescription!

Look at how I see food these days.

You can't?? then consider your goals again - what do you want?

It's either YOU DO or YOU DON'T - it's all within your control.

Let's get healthy..
Sher Khan.


  1. yes i agree with u..for me if i can follow ur advice sure i can easily loose weight.

  2. I disagree. Eat lots of saturated fat but avoid carbs (especially simple ones) and trans fat. We've been eating fatty meat since the dawn of time.

  3. hi anonymous.. which part did you disagree? btw, i don't think we should eat a lot of saturated fat (esp from animal). If you're, just make sure you use your body more (less machineries), like back then (people walk/run instead of uses trains/cars), more bodily activity to hunt for food (not picked from frozen aisles).



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