Sunday, February 15, 2009

No time, too busy to exercise

There are days when I'm too busy at work, and got back late that I'm not able to exercise.. this week is such a good example, for the whole week, I got back late (way past 8pm), that I've missed my 'window' of exercising (if you've been following this blog, my typical routine is between 7 to 8:30pm) - I've found that's the best time for me to sweat it out. I've tried early morning, but I'm more productive (and stronger) during this time. 

If I were to get back home late - I'll miss the exercise for the day. Right? well, not exactly.

Although I'm not able to do a full blown 45min strength and cardio routines, to the very least, I make sure I do bunch of push-ups, pull-ups, chin-ups, and squat during this tight period, I even can sometimes squeeze running high knee on the spot, and quick barbell military press - just before I hit the shower. 

See my previous post on those routines I mentioned.

Exercise is so important for our body to maintain a greater number of mitochondrial mass. The more exercise you do, the more these power-cells in our body is produced, and ultimately, it shall boost our metabolism to its peak!

What the heck is mitochondria? go and search with uncle google lah.. lots of reference.
In short, it's the energy cells within your body - has those tiny hairs that produces energy. The more active you are, the more of these hairs grows on these cells, and the more energy it produces -that increases your metabolic rate! -- this is the secret of losing the fat!

The trick is to keep exercising (interval training that is - working at 80% of maximum heart rate), and these little power-cells shall flourishes -- making you more energetic, stronger, and definitely assisting you in the quest of losing the excess weight... even while you're sleeping, watching tv, or even right now while you're reading this blog!

Go and have a deeper read on mitochondria, and then you would understand why it's so important that we need to exercise regularly.

let's get healthy..
Sher Khan.
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