Saturday, February 28, 2009

Away on the road, at the beach

Went to the beach recently with my family, just to spend some time with them, and trying to get some time-off over work (spent 2 nights there).

People say it's difficult to maintain our healthy diet while on travelling. Yes, it's difficult if you do not plan.... but even if you don't, there are still other ways to eat properly.. you just need to look for it.. it can be hard, but it's well worth it.

When I said plan - I packed my own cooked brown-rice, some fruits, and nuts/seeds. So that I won't eat anything and everything while on the road. But even then, I've run out of my packed-stuff on the second day, but then I still won't settle for anything common, unhealthy food around - like nasi lemak or roti canai for breakfast (that's the only thing available around the place we stayed!!). I still ordered from the stall, but only cucumber and boiled eggs (that's all that they have that I can eat!). For the rest of the family? - all the works! with an extra sambal and teh tarik of course (while i brewed my own green tea).

Call me crazy, or whatever - i just don't feel like putting junk food into my body.. anymore.

At the beach, besides the usual sun-bathing, and swimming, I also added that extra boost of cardio running along the beach (interval sprinting on the sands), and doing some bodyweight workouts. As expected, people have that weirdo-look at me, but who cares. 

See this pic, I'm doing the 'bird-dog' routine at the beach..

I got my niece trying to follow me, and gotten some weird looks from other beach-goers.

I did jumping squat, bird dog, prisoner squat, lunges, spiderman pushups, split squat, burpees, plank, side plank, mountain climb pushup, etc, and interval sprint along the beach. I also added a sprint towards the sea, and back - that's a tough one.

get more details of the exercise routines from my other posts here.

let's be healthy..

Sher Khan.

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