Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Let's Juicing !

I've recently has explored and started 'juicing'. When I said juicing, it's not fruit juicing, but Vegetables Juicing. Go and read on the net, you can find about 2,830,000 info on it. Read to your hearts content, especially on the immense benefits of making it as a habit.

Initially, the thought of drinking vegetables juicing is way too much.. I would not get near it.. let alone drinking it.. eewww!

Well, things change, people change. I've changed. Since a month ago, believe it or not, juicing has been almost my daily breakfast routine...! even my wife is wondering what's up with me..

I stumbled upon some video on youtube's talking about eating RAW food diets.. read and followed the famous RAW food evangalist - David Wolfe.. one thing leads to another and the last thing I know, I'm blending vegetables, and drinking the juices!

With the health benefits promised by juicing - how can I ignore?

To start - my advice is - start slowly, veggies such as celery, cucumber, carrot can be for first try, and adding more to it as you go along. There's tons of recipe books and websites devoted to these.

Start with this site. Good overall intro on veggie juicing.

I'm enjoying mine, and have been adding other types of veggies into it. Normally, i just take watever there is in the fridge, and just pop-it into the blender. no sugar or honey added. Just some raw blended veggies with water.

so, what have you been up to?

let's be healthy.

Sher Khan
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