Monday, August 31, 2009

My Grocery List

I got some of the common questions asked:

  • What do I put into my shopping cart?
  • Do I need to read food labels every single time?
  • There’s so much things on the shopping aisle, how would I know what’s good?
  • What are the guidelines?

I’ve said it, and I’ll say this again – natural real whole food diet. What the heck is that? some example? Some of my past post on this topic:
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Whenever you pick-up a food item, don’t be fooled of by the excellent marketing terms on the front of the packaging (it’s a multi-billion industry to create statements/branding/catchy statements that is the most appealing to people like you and me!).  These days, knowing the consumer is a bit more educated, the food manufacturer becoming even more creative with their ‘Health Food’ claims… ‘all natural’,’fat free’,’no cholesterol’,’no salt added’,’sugar free’.  Whatever it is… always…always…always… look at the back of the packaging, and read the ingredients list. That’s what really you’re getting..  the longer the list (sometimes you can’t even pronounce some of the stuff in it) the more reason for you to put it back on the shelf.

Watch this youtube video of Health Food vs. Healthy Food. Must See.

‘Ahh.. Sher, too complicated’. No, it’s easy, really. Pick the ones with the least amount of ingredient. Less is More! (more of good nutritional value that is). Example? A watermelon has 1 ingredient… watermelon. Apples?.. apple. Rice? Brown rice. Eggs?.. eggs. Broccoli?.. broccoli. Oats? ..oats. Bread? whole grain.. hah..beware.. this is a trap. See my earlier post on bread. Nuts is good right? yup, but not the honey roasted, salty types. Go for raw and dry-roasted nuts.

Even more confused? Put it this way, whenever you picked an item, do this test by asking yourself.
"Have my ancestors eat this stuff back then?" If the answer is no, put it back...

All the best.
Sher Khan.

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  1. great info i have a project in school i made a questionerre and i found out that most girls are overweight we schuold weigh 40 to 45 kg in our age but most of them weigh 50 kg or 60 kg.



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