Sunday, September 6, 2009

SEPT 2009 - My Progress.

This is my progress thus far.
Let's take a look at my infamous weight loss chart ;)
(for a larger view, pls click on the image)

As you can see, I’ve been struggling the past few months trying to maintain my weight and body fat %.
The most significant highlight since I started this journey is that – for the 1st time ever, my weight has consistently goes up during the month of April to July.
If you’ve seen my previous post during that period, I’ve kind of explained why that is so (earlier post - My Progress So far).
Also, if you remember, in May09, I’ve also started on a new regime (may post - Stop.. New Plan) after too many comments from people, and I’ve change my diet slightly.
The result?  my body fat increases tremendously (were at 12.7% to a whopping 17.1% !!, and body weight from 72kg to massive 76kg!!)–  YUP, I was shocked myself!!
It clearly shows my ‘new plan’ doesn’t fit me. It really makes sense – you can never out-train a bad diet. If you eat a lot, even the healthy stuff, while maintaining the same fitness level, more KG will be added to your body. My experiment proof that point.
However, I would like to think that the KG is not necessarily pure FAT, during that period (april-july), I’ve actually increases the weight bearing exercise to another level (june post - In the Gym today).
Look at this body composition table that I’ve captured.
It shows the BF% increases, also look at ‘Fat Mass’ and ‘Fat Free Mass’, it fluctuates. Well, I’m not a doctor/physician, I’m just assuming there’s some level of muscles mass being added somewhere, I did ask around, but not getting any convincing explanation.
Again, I may be wrong here. I’ve stopped going to the wellness doctor that I used to go (no expert opinion). Someone care to explain?.. anyone?
So, you asked, what’s next?
After seeing the poor July result, I’m back to my typical routine. One thing that I’ve realized/discovered is that -  in order for me to progress better, I need to do this: maintain my diet with healthy portions and I’ve to increase the intensity of my exercise routines.  I am now training harder than what I used to.
BTW, my plan to get 6 pack by end of the year (march post – My progress so far)? With this slight detour, I may missed that target.. I’ve to add a couple months to it.. say March 2010?
So, there you go on my latest update.
Anything not clear? Question? Drop me a note.
Let's get healthy.
Sher Khan

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