Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sher's Maiden Ride.. (cycling)

I was being pestered by my bro (rafiq aka upiq) to join him cycling for a while now. He's an avid cycler (is that what they called??) and had participated in various triathlon around the nation.. being big as he is.. always getting the aweeee from the audience. Check out his blog here for more of his rambling.

So, on the 3rd day of Idul Fitri celebration, after 2 consecutives days of heavy caloric dump into the body, I was looking forward for an activity to burn it all... and thought to try something different.

Let's go and ride a bicycle!

The planned was to start at the rendezvous point at Bt. 18, Hulu Langat at 7:30am. Well.. I arrived late (overslept slightly), and we pushed off at about 8am. It's my first time ever.. going with my other 2 bros. I initially thought we are the only few crazy fellas going for a bike ride at the early morning deep in the kampung of Hulu Langat, to my surprised, there are already bunch of other riders at the rendezvous point!.. some even have completed their bouts of rides!! and.. these people tend to know each other quite well.

Anyway, we rode from the Bt. 18 to the Simpang Tiga, to the Langat Dam, to the Sg. Telaka Recreation Park.... and back. It was approximately about 44km, for about 2hrs and 30mins.

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The ride was excruciating at some point, going up and down the hill, changing gears highs and lows, fighting with the bicycle, and most of all.. with yourself.. some points we go as fast as 30-50kmph, and at some point.. even the snails are faster than us! mixed-bag of LSD and HIIT is for sure... but I make sure I didn't stop and keep cycling even when I feel my heart is like going to explode!!.. understand it.. You just have to experience it. The view is breathtaking (riding at the kampung, the hills, the dam, rivers...).. it was fun.

this pic is with my other bro (feroz aka ucu)..

All I can say, it won't be my last ride. Will come back for more!... aiming on Perez... some day.. ;)

btw, the equipment that I've on are all borrowed, including the gloves and the t-shirt!

My bro (upiq) said.. that ride, we would typically burned at least 1000 calories.. well.. my mission achieved!

Today morning, some arching down at the back, and at my posterior!! need a good padding the next time. Thinking of doing the Putrajaya route the next.. anyone?

How's your holidays?

Sher Khan.


  1. sher, i'm an avid follower of your blog. it's nice to hear you enjoyed your first ride. i vouch you'll enjoy it as much as i do.

  2. salam norizzudin, yup.. i do know you've been following.. loads of link coming in from your blog to mine :)
    glad you enjoyed the post, and one day perhaps we would bump into each other on one of the rides?.. beginner here.. would love to learn from the experts.

  3. great..! outdoor activities are always better than in-door. fresh air, sunshine, natural scenery and great buddies/friends, need i say more..?

  4. The total journey time is approx 2hrs 30 mins.... but the actual ride time was around 1hr 50 mins... could've been faster if not for someone who'd bonked big time and had to be nursed all d way home... haha...

    Max speed was around 40-45kmh (on a downhill) but total avg speed was around 20kmh or less.

    A typical ride like that would have easily burned around 2000 kcal which is equivalent to a whole day calorie requirement for an adult.

    Nothing beats a cool natural spa session after a spendid workout.

    The best part was... the great company among the band of brothers. It was great, it was fun and it was a start for a new beginning.

  5. rasa nak nangis baca komen kat atas ni.
    wei bontot dik besar siot. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

  6. The post is now updated with a map. Google maps says 45.2km roundtrip.

    anyway, yup, forgot to mention, after we've ended the ride. We all went into the river for a dip.. fast rapid & clear water... damn good refreshing hydrotherapy!

    so, bila next ni? MEX?



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