Thursday, July 17, 2008

What Kind of Diet are You On?

When I decided that I need to 'go healthy', I was doing quite a bit of reading - mostly using our dear Mr. Google to search the vast knowledge the Internet has to offer. I was looking for 'what's the best way of me going to loose all this fat?'. Who should I look up to, and ask questions. Mr Google tend to be my most trusted advisor.

Obviously, I stumbled upon all the many 'magic' pills, and a lot of diet programs such as Atkins Diet, South Beach Diet, Abs Diet, UltraMetabolism, Hollywood Diet,, WeightWatchers, etc. I've read some of them and especially the first four in details. The one thing that I realised of these 'diets' have in common is that they focus on certain foods, avoid some, and totally eliminate the others. Some eliminate carbs, some don't. Some are easy to follow, some are too tedious (you need to calculate every single calories..!) - BUT one thing for sure, each of them has their on merits - just that, the 1-million-bonus-question - which one is the best for me???!!!

At the same time, I saw my sis-in-law, even my own wife, and some ladies at work are taking various 'diet concoction' like HerbalLife, some special tea blend, diet replacement meal, etc, etc. They said it's good, but.. overall they still look the same after taking many bottles of it - to top it all, it cost a few hundreds of $$ every few months (to replenish the stock).

I asked myself - what if one day, the company that produce it suddenly went bust? or they just decided to stop production? Then, what?

So, I decided, no supplements/replacement meals.

I went back to the 4 books... and I was particularly interested in the Abs Diet & the UltraMetabolism. Both of these books focus on natural, whole, real food diet. It teaches you to understand about the food you take, and how does the food interact with your body. But then, between these two books, some of their suggestions/recommendation contradict with each other. i.e. David Zinczenko would recommend to take yogurt, while Mark Hyman said to avoid dairy products???

HOW NOW??!!!

Well, life goes on, and I've taken each of their advices and many others I've found over the Internet as my knowledge, and start with my journey. I've also decided, I want a professional doctor to keep track of my progress - to advice me along the way. I went to sign-up at The Wellness Center in Ampang Puteri, under the supervision of a nutritionist (monthly visit).

When I started, I've set a goal to myself. Within 3 months, I should be 10kg lighter. So that's an average to loose about 3+ kg a month. yup.. crazy.

I started on 12-Feb-2007=133.7kg
On 08-May-2007=119.4kg

I slightly overshoot my target. I've lost 14.3 kg.

The doctor was delighted - and so am I!

Sher Khan.

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