Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Turning Point

This is one of the most popular question that people will ask me everytime, and I've been telling the same story over and over again.. or written emails on it over and over again.... or chatted over IMs over and over again.. people just want to know what made me suddenly decided to go... healthy!

Allow me to put some things straight, before 12-Feb-2007, I've never ever been on any 'diet', I've never ever even try to be on 'a diet' per say. If I feel like eating, I eat - anytime, anywhere, and whatever. Exercise? hardly any at all! .. well perhaps, walking up and down the MidValley Malls... stairs not-included. Outdoors? nope.. well, let's just say, I'm not into sports as much as I did during the school days.. not anymore. Sedentary lifestyle, that's pretty much summarise me.

So, the turning point? I've to give much of the credit to a training program that I've attended end Jan 2007. Part of the modules we've learnt was to identify what do you really want in life, and if you do really want it, and how can you really set your mind to achieve it (the training is much more than that, discover it for yourself about AsiaWorks training). We did many rounds of 'experiential' exercise, and one thing that kept hitting me again and again, and always in the Top 3 of what I want in life is 'to be healthy'.
(You see, I've been a big/fat guy most of my life (I think since i was 8/9 years old). I've always thought or blame it to the genes that runs in my family. My dad, mom, brothers, sister, are mostly large in size.)

I realised, among the Top 3 of what I want in life, 'being healthy' is the only thing that is 100% within my control, I'm fully responsible and something that I should only blame myself (others like 'achieving financial freedom' has the environmental/external factors that sometimes.. well most of the times is beyond your control - like economic downturn.. oil price hike etc)

But this is my body - it's 200% within my control. I've been saying that I want it, it's in my Top 3, and what's stopping me?

I'm fully in control, fully responsible. I figured, I've obviously did awfully wrong things with my health for the past 34 years, and no wonder ended up like that... things should change. If I want to achieve the other 2 in life, let's at least achieve this 1 thing.

I set my mind, and I execute.

Sher Khan.

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