Friday, December 11, 2009

Diabetic + Obesity = Diabesity !!

Recently, I had a pleasure reading and view an excellent new blog post from my defacto nutrition guruDr Mark Hyman. Doc Hyman is no stranger to me (I've started my new lifestyle after I read his bestseller Ultrametabolism book back in 2007 - see my earlier post on this).. and the book is still relevant till today, and followed by his ever popular blog posts).
In his recent blog post, he basically re-affirms the message that he has always preached, but slightly in a new twist and updated facts.

He talked about how people with diabetes type 2 can reverse the disease. How about that?!!!
He went into detail talking about the new buzz-word - Diabesity, the term that was originally coined by Shape Up America, Former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop Foundation. How our modern 'convenient' lifestyles created this epidemic, and worst, our modern medicine practice just way off track in treating the symptoms.

Wonder what it is all about? Put your speaker on, and view his video.

Here's Part 2 of the above video. Doc elaborated the facts that diabetic is neither hereditary nor genetic disorder, it is a direct outcome of dietary and lifestyle factors turning on all the wrong genes that we've complete control over. Excellent stuff.

If you've not read his UltraMetabolism book, I highly recommended it. It teaches you to know your body better, and how food interacts with you genes - so you know what to put into your body. Use food as the medicine to heal your body (see my earlier post on that).
You can easily find the book in local bookstores - MPH, Kinokuniya, Borders - I've seen them myself... don't walk, run to get it (and burn more calories ;)

to your good health,
Sher Khan.

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