Sunday, May 16, 2010

Prepare early for nutritious food..

I make sure I prepare some food/snacks upfront so that I don't have to resort to a 'convenience food' (a term I use to eat whatever we take whenever we're hungry - things like un-healthy snacks/meal whenever we feel hungry). Having our food ready upfront is important to maintain ones diet. Serious to lose weight and be healthy? then no excuse for eating junk.

Sharing with you some of my typical weekend ritual of preparing my food up-front for the week.
1. I make sure I stock-up on the groceries stuff (chicken, fish, lots of vegetables and fruits) - i like to buy off the local market (or night-market) - not the hypermarkets. It's fresher and better quality (from experience).
2. preparing some tidbits or snacks for the week (dry roasted nuts/sunflower seeds/pumpkin seeds, etc)
3. prepare my breakfast ingredients (flaxseed, sesame seeds, peanut butter, etc)

below are some pic

Grinding the flaxseed to take the most benefits of it - easily digested/absorbed by our body. What is flaxseed? see old post.

Baking my own 100% whole wheat bread. I like the heavy, dense, high-fiber, all natural home bake bread. My recipe can be found here.

I've also grinded sesame seeds to a more finer paste-like. It's best to dry roasted the sesame seeds first, then grinded it. Again, for easy absorbing into my body. BTW, do you know that sesame seeds has the highest plant sterol? the natural science-proven cholesterol lowering substance. See previous post on seeds.

My typical breakfast in the mornings (takes about <8mins to prepare) --- I take 5 spoonful of rolled-oat, mixed with 2 spoonful of powdered skimmed-milk, with hot water in the bowl. Then after 5 mins, I put few dashed of cinnamon-powder, and mixed the sesame seed paste, about 2 tb grinded flaxseed, one handful of goji-berry, pinch of raisins/pumpkin seeds/sunflower seeds/wheat germ, handful of nuts (peanuts/almond/cashews). YUUMMMYY... . more breakfast ideas from my previous post.

There you go. have fun exploring.

Sher Khan.

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  1. Do you use organic ingredients? I find they're better on my sugar levels. Especially when it comes to wheat.



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