Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pushup ideas..

I like this simple guide to add variety to your push-up exercise.

As they said, if you can't do a good posture push-up, you've no business to do bench-press.

Add-on to the article, my favorite push-up routines are:
1. diamond push-up - where to put your hands together with your index-finger and your thumb joined - makes a diamond shape.
2. Spiderman push-up - do a regular push-up and start to bring your either leg towards your armpit.
3. Bomber/Hindu push-up  - regular push-up position but you slide-it through.. difficult to explain... try google
4. Armpit push-up - also difficult to explain, but assume a regular push-up, then you move downwards keeping your head at your armpit.

simple exercise, great for your pecs and core strength..

Sher Khan.

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