Saturday, August 16, 2008

What's my typical lunch/dinner?

Some friends commented that whatever I mentioned here doesn't typically applies to our typical diet here in Malaysia (most of my reference are based on western recipes etc).
So instead of talking/writing about it, I decided to take the picture of some of my typical lunches and dinner... some while at work, and at home. So you'll get the idea what I eat, and my portions.


At lunch, generous portion of veggies (bit hungry that day), and fish (not sure what recipe is that, but as long as it's not deep-fried, or loaded with heavy cream or oily recipes, I'm ok).

at lunch, 2 veggies, and was looking for my protein portion, none available, had to choose a stir-fried tofu (could hv been better - so stick with smaller portion).

Dinner - veggies soup with tofu, brown rice with quinoa.. yummy!

One of typical dinner at home (my dear wife cooks!). Some brown rice (carbs), roasted chicken (protein & fats) ,stir-fry veggies (carbs). That yellowish bits ontop of the rice is some roasted garlic.

I was having lunch at an indian restaurant. 2 dishes of veggies, and curry fish (minus the gravy).

This is at another lunch, the Tandoori chicken, and some veggies.

Big lunch - grills fish head (terubuk!!), and some veggies (raw & stir-fry)

At lunch again, stumbled into a banana-leaf restaurant - not a good option, they don't have much choices for me. I finally decided on capati, fish curry, and some veggies. I don't recommend to take this often though (i didnt indulge on the cucumber yogurt thing or the curry gravy tough) - got no better choice that day - I was out for a meeting, and found this place. Choice could hv been better.

Get the idea?

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Hope that is helpful to you! let me know if you've any questions.

What have you been eating today?

Sher Khan.

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