Saturday, February 27, 2010

Progress Update: Poor results

People has been asking my progress, and thought to post the most recent pic that I have.

My most recent progress post was on Sept 2009 - that post, I've put some details of how the charts and all. This time around, I don't have it - been a while since I last go to do medical checkup, yup.. yup.. been lagging.. been way tooo busy at work.. these past few months (nov 2009 to feb 2010).. was the worst times ever.. sometimes I barely able to do 3 times a week trainings targets.. I know.. excuses. That translated into a very poor results!

Well here goes... for the first time ever, I'm posting myself here shirtless (yup, finally gotten approval from my internal home minister.. you bet.. the wife!).

click on the picture for a full bigger view.

As you can see, despite popular belief, I'm still struggling to get rid the some of the fats that are still accumulated. My hardest spot are below the armpit, and of course around the belly. The weight has not been consistent, week after week, I'm hovering around 74kg, and sometimes it goes up to 76kg range.. if it does, I bring it back down 74ish.. I've not been able to top the lowest weight I've done (which is 71.5kg back early 2009). My guess is.. the eating has not been consistent - I've been missing my regular meals quite a lot (loooong company meetingss.. that sometimes I missed taking my snacks and lunches!).. and I these days I do work waaayy too late at nite.. yup.. not enough snooozzzze time - that increases my cortisol level.. (the stress hormone - a signal to keep the fats!).

Excuses.. excuses... excuses!!

Anyway.. life goes on, and let's remind each other.. let's pick ourselves up, and let's go!

stay strong
Sher Khan.


  1. your Dec 2009 pix look boney, sher. u look like u need to put on a bit of meat..i think (at least that's the impression it gives me)

  2. boney?? hmm.. i still got some fats to lose though.. :(

  3. i guess u need to balance it. lose the fat where it's supposed to shed and put on a bit where it's supposed to be more meaty.. :-D

    take care and stay healthy. health is wealth!



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