Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mainstream bullsh*t

I'm still amazed that even until today the main stream media (newspaper/magazine/tv) still showing the old food pyramid as the way to go in managing your food intake... it is really disturbing especially the Health/Fitness pull-out guide touting that is how we should manage our diet... sooo lame!
Our society is so much mis-informed, and no wonder a lot of us does still can't lose that excess weight. 

I've posted my take on the food pyramid back in early 2009, and I still believe that's the way to go.

Moral of the story - don't believe 100% what you read in the mainstream media... worst.. the food manufacturer marketing tactics (it's a billion dollar industry) to lure you into buying their so-called 'health food'. I can talk for hours on that subject.

Ditch the eggs (coz it's high in cholesterol), and go for cereals.. better for you? think again!!
You think your morning sugary cereals is good for you? Oh, what about the un-sweeten ones like plain-ol corn-flakes? (extremely refined carbs - will spike your blood sugar--stay away!). By all means, avoid any cereals that change the color of the milk you've put them in!!

So what do have for breakfast? I've posted some ideas back then.

stay healthy.. the right way!
Sher Khan

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