Thursday, September 25, 2008


The other day I was at my relatives, and in the kitchen, noticed that there are so much of these so called 'health' food and supplements... in various powder forms to pills to tea bags to liquid forms. (btw, be extra careful with various form of 'detox diet' that comes into the market these days.. if you're thinking of taking them.. must read Demystifying Detox Diets'.

They asked me.. 'which kind are you taking?'.. I answered 'none of them!'.. but I make sure I take my capsules of multi-vitamin and fish-oil daily.

'That's it?...... 'yes, that's it'.

I'm not a doctor, and I don't intend to prescribe anyone anything. But sharing my experiences, I've learnt that these are the minimum 2 essentials supplements that a person should take daily. 'Essential' here is because our body can't produce it by themselves, and you need to take it from the food source or supplements.

The multivite is to ensure I've a complete dose of most nutrition daily (good article here), and the fish oil.. loaded with it's omega-3 (DHA & EPA) is not naturally produce by our body.. so we need to take it daily for it's well established, not just for heart health but also for optimum functioning of both body and mind, especially in reducing inflammations, and overall disease protection. (Read some articles on the benefits of fish oils)

Taking nutritions from the food sources is preferable than supplements, but the concentration of Omega-3 is better in capsules form (plus it's pure, and free from toxic), and for another obvious reason.... I do want to eat chicken as well! (not just fish!).

Also, I ensure that I still need to feed my body with the whole natural real foods that loaded with antioxidants, high-fiber, other vitamins and minerals... with lots of plain water! minus the 2 most evil substance found in our food supply everywhere... . the man-made trans-fat and HFCS aka super-sugar! good article here

These days, I've been thinking of taking the Whey Protein as my standard post-workout nutrition (..still thinking, not sure which brand is suitable for me.. too many of them in the market!!!). I need it especially to boost my muscle growth.. and to speed up my 'recovery period' before the next workout... these days.. my post workout soreness is killing me...! ( see D.O.M.S.)

My multivite is from GNC Mega Men, and fish oil from GNC Salmon Oil.

Good article - checkout Should You Take Supplements?

long live and prosper!

Sher Khan.


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