Sunday, September 21, 2008

You are what you eat!

Had a chat with a colleague recently, as usual, these days, the topic of interest would be.. 'how can I lose weight?'.. 'how did you do it?' etc.. Well, that's the reason why I put up this blog. Some comments said, 'yeah.. i read them.. but tooooo muccchh info la Sher'... '.. half of it I don't quite get it...' .. 'especially when you start talking about BMI, LSD, Interval, Phytonutrients, carbs, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, BMR, low glycemic, glycemic load, heart rates, etc, etc..'

uuhmm.. err.. I thought I've given enough references (by putting links to various sites, google searches, etc) to give people the insights of what certain terms that I think you need to know in details, etc... to understand what's happening.

Those links I've provided is not just a random pointing.. Those are real information/knowledge that I've found, hand-picked, that supports what I'm saying.. (no syok sendiri here ok..). Yes, I do read them, and I'm assuming you shall continue reading around that pointed sites!

If you're really interested to know what I've done.. I'm sharing with you all here.. not keep any secret whatsoever! and btw, I'm not selling any special diet products here ok! All with the spirits of open sharing.. I give some, you give some... win-win for all.. for the mankind! ;p

now, if you're still interested to lose that weight/fat/flabby.. I'm asking you, please answer honestly:
  1. what have you done today that is different to achieve towards your goal?
  2. what have you been eating today? list them down (let's be honest!), and look at the list, compare with the list for yesterday, and the day before, and before. Now, look at it seriously. Are you doing ok?
  3. have you exercise today? yesterday? last week? pls use your body more.. no time? use stairs instead of lift! even for a short 2-3 flights, parked at the farthest spot from the door!
Think of it this way --- there's must be something wrong for the past months/years that you've done that turns you to what you are today

The phrase of 'you are what you eat' is actually true, I believe in it!!! (I used to think the person who came out with that is dumb!)

There are some days when I came back from work, I feel so tired and lazy to exercise, and as soon as I drove up the my driveway, decided to skip it, no exercise for today. Put down my laptop bag, hit the couch, and watch TV, flipping the channels - then it hits me.. that's what I've been doing back then, that made me fat.. I need to change them!.. I've a goal..!
well.. the next minute, I'm already in my jogging shoes, pounding on the threadmill.
If you don't like doing gym, or bodyweight - get yourselves involves in sports.. whichever/whatever kind would do.. as long as you use your body more!
(in the pic, me playing beach volley..)

Decide what you want, put up the goal, and never look back.

all the best.

btw, read this excellent report "dark side of cardio" by my fav trainer - Craig.

Sher Khan.

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