Monday, October 19, 2009

That Little Voice Inside of You...

I've a confession to make.

Last saturday, wifey and me went out for a dinner, and wifey ordered a nice dessert - Hot Fudge Sundae, as depicted here.

I tried as hard as I can.. not to indulge. Well, I manage to abstain. ... for a couple of minute, until, wifey scoop a spoon, and feed me!... ahhhhh... it was heavenly! ;)   That later, I pickup the spoon myself, and dig a couple more scoop and feed myself!!!!!!!

Then I hear those little voice inside of me.. "Sher, what the hell are you doing????!!!!" That voice continuously whispering (err.. infact it sounded more like screaming) inside my head for hours and hours, that made me so damn guilty!

Not just that, the voices seems to flash the old images of me everywhere I look, and it drives me crazy!!

Feeling downright guilty, the next day, early sunday morning, just after a heavy downpour, by 7:30am, I'm already at the nearby park pounding the pavement. I was at the Alam Damai Park (nice place - first time there, slept over at my mom's over that weekend). I was running and sprinting along the track, doing some bodyweight routines, including stairs climbing/sprinting - for approximately 2 hours non-stop.

In the afternoon, I heard that little voice again..... "Not enough Sher!"

Later in the evening, at around 5pm, I was again at the gym, doing deadlifts, bench presses, squatting, and bunch of other weight bearing workout for a solid 1 1/2 hours.. I was flatten out to bed by 10pm.

This morning, with some aching body, I heard that little voice again ... "Hope you've learnt your lesson Sher..!"

Yes, nice dessert, but gruesome workout to burn it all off !!

Lesson learned? next time.. stay away from the dessert... not worth it. ;)

Let's stay healthy!

Sher Khan.


  1. aaawh... you notty fellow, breached your own contract for a while didn't u..? well, once in a blue moon, it's ok. just don't make it a habit.. ;-)

  2. come to think of it, no wonder u were so disciplined this afternoon. despite being so hungry.. the guilt was still there, eh? wink, wink..



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