Thursday, December 11, 2008

Results Don't Lie

I know, I know, it's been a while, my last post was on 11-Nov.. that's the longest silent ever - a month without a single post!. I've been dead busy at work... and also going on various short holidays... it's Year End!!

But then, being busy it's a perfect time to give some excuses of not eating right or skipping exercises.. we're busy!.. no time! right?


Anyway, I'm here not to say what's right or wrong. Sometimes, I don't know if I'm right.. or wrong myself?! They said.. the facts/numbers don't lie, and I use that as a gauge to whatever I'm doing.. the best feedback to yourself is the RESULTS you're getting. 

some example
1. Does the scale shows you're going up or down? 
2. the mirror test shows your belly shrinking or growing? 
3. Does the pants you are wearing this morning either much tighter or looser?
4. The last push-ups you did reached 20, today.. 25?
5. What about chin-ups? how many reps can you do today?
6. On nutrition - did you drink sugary stuff yesterday? how many plain water did you drink yesterday? when was your last can of coke/pepsi/soda?
7. what about fast-food aka junk/high-calories food? when was your last time having it? ie. french fries, donuts, potato chips..
8. Your blood pressure, sugar level, cholesterol level, etc? what's the numbers tell you?

You get the idea.

I used to records my daily log of what I eats and exercises... jot everything down in my phone.  Having it noted somewhere, allows me to review my progress, and improve it along the way.

Yes, I do sometimes slipped up, or indulged - we need to enjoy life! - as long as I'm good 90% of the times, I should be ok. (see my post on that earlier - Stay Good at 90% of the Time or another one Celebration = Food !) .

So, what's your own results telling you?

let's strive to be a healthier you!

Sher Khan.


  1. Do we really need to jot a record for what we consume? Sometimes we are just being forced to indulge ourself. So long we are healhtier, how if the figure fluctuate? Tho we eat the same routine diet almost each day.. In between 3 kilos for example. Is that mean ok or no?


  2. for started, it's good to record every single thing you eat. sometimes, you think you eat right, but if you look into details, i don't think we are. To achieve effective fat loss, this is extremely important. I did that back then personally.. it helps you know. Once you've really done that, please take a look at it, and improve your list at every other meals (not tomowwo, next week, or next month!). forced? it's all within your control.. it's your body, you make the choice, not others! you are what you eat. eat gargabe, you become garbage.



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