Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekend warrior

Last weekend I had the opportunity to go to the gym, finally, after soooo long. As I've mentioned before, I don't hv any membership to any local gyms, I just would like to proof a point that you don't need to have a gym-membership to get fit. Whenever we talked about 'getting healthy' - I hear a lot of voices saying he/she don't have that kind of money to pay for gym memberships etc, and because of that, he/she don't get fit and don't bother about it. Excusseeeeee!

My workouts routines are mainly at home.. indoor. I've planned it that way - main reason is because I need to consistently working out. My only problem doing it indoor is - I'm beginning to over-grown the equipments that I've. I still have the same equipment that I've shared with you back then (see my earlier post). oh oh, I've added a chin-up bar over the door few months back. I don't think I'm going to build a multipurpose home-gym, so going to the gym occasionally is something I'm looking forward to. 

At home, the total weights that I've is at 25kg only, and I don't intend to buy anymore weight plates. At the gym, I'm able to have that extra shocked to my body/muscles.. last saturday I did some workout like a 30kg squat, 40kg deadlift, and 35kg bench presses. I did a standard 8-12 rep at 3 sets, and some other routines (like cable crunch, dumbell row, etc) focusing on multiple-muscles exercises to boost my metabolism - that left my body arching till today!!

Immediately following the strength training indoor, I went outside the gym and started to do a 4x400meter runs around the red stadium track. Of coz, I did an interval training - alternating with slow and fast burst along the track. I needed that extreme cardio-boost, because as I've learnt, the hormones released from a hard-cardio training - the endorphin and the testosterone - is an excellent natural pain-killers..

Today, again, I did the HIIT (high-intensity-interval-training) to get that natural-booster to my arching muscles.

To those of you who are still giving excuses of 'no time lah' for not exercising, go ahead and read this article by Men's Health. It shows you how you can exercise in 15-mins only!

You can't fit that in your daily 24hrs schedule? 

Ask yourself this "Which is important - my TV time, or my health???"

all the best.

Sher Khan.


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  2. Hello there.My name is Sha.I've been following ur blog quite sometimes.I'm very impressed with what have u done to get fit n healthy, kudos!I'm tryin my best to have a better lifestyle and be healthy. Thank you so much for everything u've shared in ur blog.Would like to add ur link to mine if u dont mind.U r a warrior ;)

  3. Hi Sha,
    Glad that you've found the info useful. Just remember, no trying.. it's either do or don't. ;)
    pls do link or use the info as necessary (as long as it benefits you or others).




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