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Top 60 Things Learned in 2008..

this is not from me, it's from Vince,

Got this email from him, and i love it so much that I want to share with all of my readers!

I agree most of what he said.. even on Dark Knight movie, etc.


Hi Sher,

Head on over to my blog to read the 60 Things I Learned In 2008. It touches on all areas of my life, even personal.  I think you'll find it very entertaining and very inspiring...

If for some reason you can't open my blog... here are the top 60 things I learned in 2008:

1. 90% of getting a six pack is diet, diet, diet.  I have experimented with dozens of different programs and in the end, the only time I see my body drastically change is when my diet is perfect for 8-16 weeks straight.
SHER: yup, I agree!

2. The first 10-30 days of creating a new habit is the hardest and offers the greatest resistance.  Aim to change only ONE habit each month - anything more is too much. Prioritize the new habit as the first thing each morning which is when you have the greatest will power.

3. Entourage continues to be the most entertaining T.V. show ever. I have overdosed on this show for hours at a time and don’t regret one single episode.  UFC is a close 2nd.
SHER: err.. not sure about this one.. never seen Entourage..

4. People are looking for the program that says they can lose weight while eating Krispy Kreme Donughnuts. This is a reflection of our society’s lust for instant gratification that I predict will get worse and worse.
SHER: so true.

5. Answering your tech-toys first thing in the morning is the best way to let other people control your day. Don’t open your Inbox, reply to text messages or reply to voice mail until you have done 2-hours of productive work each morning.
SHER: ok ok, i admit of this.. trying to do my things first thing in the morning.

6. Figure out what truly motivates you. What is your irrational obsession or what is your worst nightmare?  Understand what motivates you and focus on it.

7. Learn by ‘doing’ - not by talking about it. I am sick and tired of people who post on forums and ask, “What do you think of this diet or workout etc.?” How the heck do I know? Go try it for yourself and come to your own conclusions.
SHER: i love this one Vince!

8. The best way to stay consistent is to schedule exact times for all your workouts, at least one week in advance.

9. Set “behavior goals” instead of “outcome goals.” Instead of saying, “I am going to gain 20 pounds of muscle,” say, “I am going to eat 4 eggs, 2 slices of toast with peanut butter and a veggie shake within 20 minutes of waking up each morning.” Focus on specific behavior change to enforce new habits that will lead to your outcome goal.
SHER: another excellent lesson!!!!!!

10. Bring a written plan on paper to the gym with you.  Don’t “wing it” or “make it up as you go.”  Knowing exactly what you are going to do before you arrive will motivate you to complete the entire workout and see progress.

11. In relationships, focus on becoming on the right person instead of finding the right person.  The more time you spend on trying to find “the one” is less time you can spend on yourself growing.  Focusing on growing will attract the person of your dreams.

12. Take the exact workout you are doing now and do the same number of reps, sets and exercises and do it less time and your muscles will grow.

13. When it comes to getting a six-pack, I mean single digit body fat, be prepared to train at least 1.5 hours a day for 6-7 days a week.  If you’re diet is absolutely perfect you might be able to do 1 hour a day for but be prepared for 6-7 days a week.  There are no short cuts.  Fat is stored body fat that needs to be burned off.
SHER: oouucch!

14. Free weights still trump machines.  Use free weights and barbells as much as possible.

15. There is zero relationship between your educational knowledge and your yearly income.

16. Your body hates change but responds extremely well to it.
SHER: so true!.. it hurts, but it grows!

17. ART (active-release-therapy) and aggressive massage continues to work wonders and be my number source of therapy.  Find a reputable A.R.T. therapist if you are on the injured list.
SHER: hmm.. something new here to me.. does a SPA trip count?

18. Cold water showers are absolutely necessary if you plan on training 1.5-2 hours a day.
SHER: tried this - followed your advice earlier.. well.. i normally take cold showers anyway..

19. Sky diving is the biggest adrenaline rush of all time and everyone should do it I once before they die. If you shit your pants when your feet leave the plane, that’s normal.
SHER: never had the chance.. back then i'm afraid the chute won't take my weight.. now, i can't use that excuse..!

20. The best way to pursue a relationship is to become friends first, I mean become best friends first and then consider dating. Dating to find a best friend has a low success rate and results in a lot of pain.
SHER: duh!.. vince, you're learning.

21. You can gain muscle training each muscle group with Jon Benson’s 7 Minute Muscle workout. The coolest and most challenging workout I’ve ever tried this past year.
SHER: will try soon.

22. The best time to train if you wish to lose belly fat is within 30-minutes of waking up on a empty stomach.  I relied on at least 45-60 minutes of low intensity cardio 5-7x a week at the greatest incline while reading personal development books or listening to business audios.  Post workout, I prefer interval cardio.
SHER: hate morning cardio. prefer something later in the evening. my focus has always been interval.

23. Bicep curls do not produce bigger biceps. Focusing on increasing your body’s overall size is what makes your biceps bigger.  You must add at least 10 pounds of over all weight to gain at least 1 inch on your arms.
SHER: i do lots of chin-up these days.. that counts?

24. If you’re lower back pain is not going away and you are not stretching at least 30-60 minutes a day - take a hint.  Focus on stretching your hip flexors, hamstrings, calves, gluts and quads every day.

25. Inconsistency will ruin any solid training program.
SHER: so true!

26. The Dark Knight was the best movie of the year.  I can no longer go to the movies because nothing compares.  This is how all movies should be made in the future.

27. My best workouts came after having a shot of espresso or cup of black coffee 30-60 minutes before my workouts.
SHER: mine.. after my rest day. If I were to do a daily routines, i can't complete much sets.. it hurts. but if I rest 1 day, and do complete exercise, I achieve more!

28. Sleep is far more important than you think it is.  I wish I could live by the motto, “I’ll sleep when I dead,” but I think I’ll end up dead sooner if I follow that motto.
SHER: something I've not done seriously. perhaps this could be my goal this year!

29. You are what you eat.  Eat garbage and you’ll look like garbage.
SHER: I seriously understand it.

30. Your word is your bond. That’s all you have in life.  If you say you’re going to do something, do it.  If you don’t do it, don’t say sorry to me.  Say sorry to yourself because you let yourself down, not me.

31. People will pay more money to make exercise easier and easier. Just take a look at late night infomercials and the popularity of group exercise, dance classes and more pills, powders and liquids…

32. If you get to the point in your workout where you are not sure if you will be able to finish, that’s good!  You are out of your comfort zone and that is when growth happens.  That goes for each area of your life.

33. Cheating yourself on good form will eventually catch up to you.

34. It’s possible to train for an entire year and look the exact same! The majority of these people will look the exact same next year too.

35. “Speed of Implementation” has been my secret to tripling my business this past year.  This is the amount of time it takes between learning something new and implementing it.
SHER: agree.. but need to get the team working together to achieve the aspiration  is the most difficult.

36. Skinny guys can’t rely on “hunger” to determine when to eat. Building muscle requires a disciplined nutrition schedule.

37. Only take training advice from those who have trained themselves at a high level or make their living training others at a high level.  That goes for relational, financial and spiritual advice too.  Don’t take advice from anyone who does not have something you want.
SHER: :)

38. A good training partner can compare with the results from a steroid cycle.  A bad training partner can be worst than following a Flex, MuscleMag, or Muscle and Fitness drug program.
SHER: i learnt this advice from you a year ago!

39. Learning equals behavior change. If you learned a new insight than you are level 0 learning. Level 1 learning occurs when your behavior changes. Level 2 learning occurs when you transform from the behavior. If your behavior is not changing, you are not truly learning.
SHER: excellent vince. I like this.

40. You’ll meet a special girl (or guy) when you least expect it. Stop looking.

41. Over 70% of the supplements on the market have less than 30% absorption rate. This means you are only absorbing about 30% of what is in the bottle. Supplements are about making money. They put just enough in the product for you to feel a slight difference so you buy them again.

42. Until they start selling free weights, full body workouts and interval training on T.V. don’t buy anything that you see on T.V.

43. Pay yourself first and live below your means.  Don't pay your bills until you set aside your monthly saving.  Don't let bills bully you around in life.  If your goal is to save $1,000 each month and your paycheck is $1500 then set aside the $1000, pay your bills next and then spend what you have left over.  If you have nothing left over, it looks like you're staying in this weekend. That's called living below your means.

44. Stretch as least half as much as you lift. If you are lifting weights for at least 4 hours a week than you better be stretching at least 2 hours a week. If not, your body is screaming for an injury.

45. Active Release Therapy (A.R.T.) therapy has been proven, to me personally, the most effective form of therapy available. Find a reputable A.R.T. therapist if you are on the injured list.

46. Setting a deadline to compete in the World Fitness Model Championships on June 13 and then the Mr. Chin Bikini Show two weeks later was the only decision that truly motivated me to get the best body of my life.

47. Reading at least one new book each month continues to sharpen my mind and help me be a leader amongst your circle of influence.

48. Being muscular won’t help you with the ladies if you have no social skills and are in love with yourself.  Once a girl knows that you know you’re hot, you’re treading water with the sharks!  But it’s better to be muscular with no social skills than a lazy ass with no social skills with the ladies.

49. It’s pointless to ask for nutrition advice on how to lose your belly fat if you’re not keeping a food journal.  If you don’t have any food logs to show me, don’t waste my time.

50. It’s hard to not compare yourself to others but don’t.  Compare your physique to your own progress and no body else’s.

51. People judge you by the friends you choose and hang out with.

52. Results don’t happen over night. To transform your body, be prepared for yeas of trial and error and keeping what works and dropping what does not work. Enjoy the journey. There are no short cuts in life.

53. Life was not designed to be easy so stop being surprised when things don’t go your way.  When things are going well, that’s when you should be surprised.  That outlook will help you deal with hard times with a whole new perspective.

54. The best way to keep a workout honest is by using a stop watch to measure your rest periods. Honest progress comes when your weights and reps go up while your rest period stayed the same.

55. Loving your body more than you love your family and friends will lead to regret. Never put things that “go back in the box” i.e. material things, before people.  When you get to your death bed, you won’t say, “Man I wished I spent one more hour in the gym,” but you will say, “I wish I spent one more hour with my Mom.”

56. Having a T.V. is not necessary.  If the news is that important, you’ll hear about it. If you don’t plan on doing something about the bad news on T.V., what’s the point of knowing about it?

57. Don’t shut moral and spiritual people out of your life.

58. I love working out.  I love pushing my body. I love entering the “hurt box.”  I hope to do it forever. I just love it. I love training with people like me.

59. Organic food is friggin expensive but worth it. I sleep better, recovery faster and seem to be able to eat less and still make gains.

60. You’ll get the exact same thing in 2009 as you did in 2008 if you do the same thing.

Hope you enjoyed that and congratulations for making in through another year.  You should be proud of yourself.  I hope you achieved everything you planned on doing at the beginning of last year.   Here's to another year!

Happy New Year!
Vince DelMonte


so, what have you learned? Happy 2009!

Sher Khan.

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  1. Hey.. learnt a lot guys. Thanks to Vince and you. Some are really impressive.. God bless.




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