Sunday, January 4, 2009

Treating/Indulging yourselves?..

hey ya all,

Spent some time reading some blogs, and stumble upon my trainer, Craig, commented on what he treats himself during the holidays.. 

I'm surprised even a hardcore trainer indulge himself!!! (we are all humans :)

see here.. some excerpt of his post.. 

...... Later in the afternoon, I had a piece of peanut brittle. The last piece left over from Christmas. My friend Tom Venuto, was asking me to share the "treats" I had over Christmas.

To be honest, I had quite a few. But I ate them in small bits. No "going overboard gluttony" for me. Here's the run-down.

On most days, I had 4-5 pieces of chocolate covered peanut brittle. That stuff should be outlawed. On Christmas day, I had two pieces of an ice cream dessert. And some chocolate treats.

I also got a small pack of chocolate covered nuts and ate those before New Years.

Finally, one night we watched "The Dark Knight", and I had a Coke and some pringles.

So there you go. Quite a few holiday treats. But I swear I didn't gain an ounce of fat. Thanks to the Turbulence Training Lifestyle. Allows you to be quite flexible with nutrition and workouts.

Overall, a great holiday season!

Happy New Year,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS 


But then again, look at his gruesome training regime earlier.. i guess he deserved the treats!)

My version of indulging/treating myself is slightly different now.. I'd take an extra serving of the piece of chicken, an extra handful of unsalted almond/cashews, or more fruits and than should for that particular seating... I just don't see ice-creams or sinful sweet and savory dessert is something I should be taking (close to 2 years nowww!!).. yet.. I still have a goal to achieve.. remember?!  ( my post earlier on this topic " Stay Good 90% of the Time" and "Celebration = Food"). 

 I guess, if (..or when) my body is like Craig, then I can start having that ice-cream or coke or that pringles... once a while. ;) ... right Craig? 

Sher Khan.

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  1. Try tempoyak with ulam... arghhhh.. trust me.




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