Saturday, June 20, 2009

What are you waiting for? let's go

Today is Saturday, the rain has stop, the sky is bright...

Stop surfing, and let's burn some calories fellas!

Watch this to pump up your motivation....!!

I've always love Sly.. and it's Rocky series.. !

Now that's an early videos of him, take a look at his upcoming movie - and at 62, he's as fit as ever!!

If that doesn't pump you up... i don't know what will. ;)

Sher Khan.

1 comment:

  1. Salam Sher, silent reader nih :p. gr8 transformation la Sher.. i means, what a gr8 body you have now compare the-old-sher. BTW, Sly punyer side push-up dasyat sangat lah.. tak terikut hamba hahaha... orang leh buat bent knee push-up jer... yg normal push-up pun tak lepas lagik :D. Love ur spirit!



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