Sunday, July 19, 2009

Durian.. good or bad?

I'm tempted to write a post on Durian.. it's in season now, and they're in abundance this year!

Since I started my journey (2 years now), I've been abstaining myself from it. I know, durian is a fruit, and how bad can a fruit affect our health right?

Right, it's a type of fruit, that is highly nutritious (and highly addictive or respulsive) - do you know that durian is one type of fruit that actually has a protein (the soft type), that beneficial as a muscle builder??!!

So why I've been avoiding it? even my mom was sooo surprised that I've not touch it (we're the only few in the family who shares the love of durians). During the season, she would normally prepare an extremely delicious 'pulut durian' and 'pengat durian'... (I'm saliving right now just writing about it)... well, that's exactly the reason - if I were to touch it, then as they say, the rest would be history (my diet that is).. no matter how strong my willpower, it will suffer.... so instead of even taken a piece of that thing, I've told myself to best avoided it completely!

...but that was then.. this '09 season.. ha ha ha.. I'm back with a vengeance. Now that my weight is at a normal BMI, and I am more discipline in my eating habits... I've finally allowed myself to eat some... but wait.. still no pengat, no pulut (loaded with sugar & glutinous rice/refined carbs)... just pure, natural, raw durians.. as the nature intended it to be!

It's as good as a fruit can be! ... it's heavenly!! YESSSS!

See the nutrition facts of durians here

One thing to highlight (besides having a high-level of soft-protein thing i mentioned earlier), durian contains high-level of amino acid tryptophan, known to alleviate depression/anxiety by raising the levels of serotonin in the brain...

So.. durians anyone? ;)

to your good health.
Sher Khan


  1. gud info! i thought raw durians are fattening..pasni bole la balun sebijik hehe ;P

  2. it's fattening it is.. but with the good fats! the mono-saturated fat. see the links i've provided, and you'll see the details.

    whatever it is.. eat in moderation please.


  3. I want to share my experience with trying the durian fruit. My first impression after my wife cut it open for me. I ask her why does it smell so bad, she said that's the way it smell.I had never smell a fruit that smell like that, but after i got pass the smell, i taste the fruit and it was and inquiring taste but sweet very milky like texture. We Mixed with the ice cream it was not so bad. I was told it was very fatty but it's loaded with good fat that suppose to help remove the bad fat.In the Philippine is where the fruit durian is very popular people love it there.



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